Blade & Soul launches

The Korean version was released on June 30th 2012. It has been quite a delay for the game to get a westernised version.This was due to NCSOFT having the bright idea that Wildstar was going to be the next big thing. NCSOFT titles have never been that big over in the west. Another reason for the delay is they are scared. This is to make a risky move in this western market without a guarantee to exceed thier profit targets.

 People actually hyped for BnS, not wildstar during Blade & Soul Gold that time because there was progression but then NCSoft....being NCSoft lol...stopped bns and released wildstar instead.if yes please dont block cause in my place we have 40 players waiting for lounch already 1 years ago. please dont block indonesian ip. I wanted to know what are the possibilities to be loaded on pc.

General Discussion would be the best place for feedback and suggestions and Bug Report forum is for any bugs you may have encountered. Name Reservation begins on January 11, 2016 at 6pm PST For NA servers, and 7pm CET for our EU servers. Gems and Transmutation allow you to further throw away all of your gold for no useful rewards.  i will keep this in mind when the game launches lol.Hi Blade & Soul, I am from Philippines, SEA.. which server has lower ping in our country..BNS Gold NA or EU, thanks. Just curious about 2 things! Will there be support for other language inputs to switch around from? Just like in Asia servers where they support multiple languge input. Second is the membership star icon beside the name, is there an option to not display this icon? Thanks~

 I got a error like this when I did not apply cbt code properly, you have to apply the code in two different places, once when you enter it and once to apply to your account. If you did not have a code for any of the betas it would give you the same error.


My FFXIV social skills are fine

My FFXIV social skills are fine. If anything you feel the need to talk down to me and call me "pumpkin" because I'm female and you lack respect for my gender Cheap FFXIV Gil . I simply returned the rudeness because you need a taste of your own medicine.

Queing with a chocobo out isn't stopping your progression in game and is practically a non factor. Diadem is something that can be tweaked but I believe most complaints are coming from people that expect it to be a land of 210 easy gear farm. It isn't. If you can write better than go ahead and write your own story. New relics are out tonight, do you even have a zeta? More work was put into my zeta than the gear I currently have equipped.

My gear means nothing to you and you point out it has no value outside of the server. But you are here complaining about game content which includes farming for gear and clearing raids. Its funny because you brought up the fact that you want more content for eso farming..which is pretty much gear farming. cheap Blade & Soul Gold Way to stick your foot in your mouth.

I suggest you start treating people with respect if you expect it. Calling females "pumpkin" simply shows YOUR lack of social skills. Okay bruh? No need to be butthurt because a girl is better than you.

I'm not even sure what your point is. My point is that the Square Enix needs to focus on some of the pain points of the game instead of things like Verminion. Your point is: "OMG I'm better than you because I'm i209, bruh."


Your asking if OBT (OpenBeta) will be the same as CBT

I know you weren't able to keep it from the get go. But you still haven't answered my question rofl. Why sell different amounts if they're all the same? I have char in Ru server BNS Gold 43 destroyer and i know where every thing get i dont need premium for this 1 week and i will be 40 lvl.  It will be F2P -- they have promised over and over that it will not be P2W (by their definition of P2W) -- the question is, what is YOUR definition of P2W....? Will the OBT be the same as CBT such as the difficulty in dungeon, item drop and drop rate, quest, free items from survey...?

You shouldn't be here with me, just go, thank you, I don't need your answer. lol wtf dude, she just mentioned that there is no open beta why so much hate. yesterday someone tried to ask this question to Mod/admin and she tried to answer that "there is no open beta" "there is no open beta" and I still get no answer.

Your asking if OBT (OpenBeta) will be the same as CBT(ClosedBeta), thing is there wont be any open beta so thats the answer to your question. Now about diffuclty and xp i think they lowered it so ppl can progress faster through the beta and get to higher tiers faster. I tried the beta, I was impressed. Should be a good game. I'm happy its not going to be long until its released. so you mean i can finally stop playing the sketchy chinese version grin emoticon Buy Blade and Soul Gold ?

 I wanted to play 4 fan years ago. Lol. Awesome guys been promoting you guys can't wait to get to gaming. I'm so looking forward to this smile emoticon I'm assuming it's playable in the UK right? I hope yer downloaders will be okay by then. I coudnt download Aion and wildstar.... Do we at least get to keep our character names? I only bought the 25$ one. Only if it says name reservation on the $25 packs, if not then no. If I purchase master pack now, when will the premium membership be activated? And can I be registered for closed beta? Aa, guess thats the deadline for me to hit max on JP Server.Will we be able to have a look at the shop prices beforehand? I'm interested in buying a whole bunch of vanity items on day one... along with premium membership etc. I actually want to upgrade to founders pack... but will be unable to until January where I'm guessing it would've disappeared by then..


FIFA 16 coins

A of course James vardy has proved that he is a world class striker Chelsea being one point ahead of Newcastle is by far the best statistic so far. FIFA 16 coins A no one had heard of him two years ago now he's top Scorer in the most difficult league in the world. Mahrez not only for scoring and assisting,he already broke 100 ankles. I like arsenal and özil but i think leicester is doing great and i would choose mahrez.

Why don't you stop opening packs and start getting players by Winning a bid or buy the Player from transfer market.. This will do it for ya.&cheap Aion Kinah; If you just buy from Transfer window, how will you get top rated players ever? I play a lot of FUT online and offline, but the coins earned from games played, is so less compared to the price of top rated players. Everyone hopes that they may get some 85+ rated players from Gold Packs.. But it hardly ever happens.. I have been playing for past 5 years and never got great players like Ronaldo, messi, Ibra.. and in transfer window they are in millions.. That sucks..

guess what, you will loose to a bunch of no bodies because the user jacked them up with pace, shoot, def, pass and fitness while the poor looser keeps loosing and doesn't make any coins to improve performance! .... you want realistic!!!!..... they gave it to you... trust me..... cruel world.  Are you trying to prove how stupid and buggy your game is? Cause thanks to videos like this the customers should choose a better product. Please for the good of gaming never ever make an agreement with FIFA. Go to hell EA.


FFXIV DRG back in 2.0

I wanted to play this so bad, but while setting up a trial account, square enix was so unnecessarily confusing and unhelpful I just deleted it from my computer. OMG!!! I'm so excited!!! I hope the whm is allowed to use this armor, i'm so down for a battlemage type armor.

They ask at the end if I'm ready for 3.1. Am I ready for 3.1?? I've been FFXIV Gils ready for months! Nice armour, Why can't we get that SE. Did you open the link??? We ARE getting that Well they literally said it's part of the event, we get armor like hers for doing the event. Nice thanks for the quick run down ill read the article completely when i get a chance. Why complain before even reading?  Iroha from the latest expansion of FFXI which ends this month. Hey SE, how bout pictures where I don't have to use a magnifier to see them?  I wish drg had a wyvern like in ffxi. So sad. It needs this bad

So hope it's samurai and reveal it was Minfilia's job class as I've suspected all along! I'm so glad I mained a DRG back in 2.0. So good to be a Dragoon. Kian would be proud. This is making me miss FFXI and how awesome its samurai were when people used Skillchains... They're sort of implying in the blog post that it'll only be Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils the armor available, not necessarily the weapon. It does look awesome though..we have a lot of good armour for glamour.. but all spear suck, only T9 and Longinus zeta have a nice skin T_T What about FF8 stuff?? surely I'm not the only one who liked it?! I want to see Squall and Rinoa outfits and hairs!

A step int he right direction though, now we just need a SAM DPS job, complete with a Kabuto! i saw this pic and thought dynasty warriors ? BRING IT!!! My NIN is gonna look sexy with that armor . Man ff11 was my jam. This patch keeps getting better and better. Should make a FFXI zone like area. just mobs that will one shot you.. I thought that was Yukimura Sanada from Samurai Warriors 4. Looks like his outfit for that game. actually that She is name Iroha from FFXI: Rhasodies of Vana'del expansion. good outfit miss XI but after losing my ps2 wasn't up to rebuilding everything lost so kind of be fun to see a event cross over to XIV hopeful it dyeable so not everyone running around in the same color gear.


As goes light, so goes darkness

"As goes light, so goes darkness". Isn't this something that was said at the end of either Final Fantasy III or Final Fantasy IV? Just curious . Bad time to release a patch with Fallout buy Aion Kinah 4, Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Cameron Powell Nope. But I know for a fact that they are all very popular. VERY popular. I would very much doubt a small number of XIV players would put any or all of those over XIV. Once those are finished, they will likely come back to XIV though. And knowing games these days their stories will be finished in six hours haha.

Hope not! The Tomb Raider devs state 30-40 hours to complete the game 100%. And if Legacy's campaign is as long as Liberty and Heart's I will be happy. You're assuming people actually 100% games nowadays. They'll finish the story, play a bit more and that's it. A lot of MMO players don't really find satisfaction in single players to the point of dumping dozens of hours into them. I 100% Tomb Raider (2013) on PC and 100% on PS4. I do not do achievements whatsoever unless they give tangible benefits to the game. Therefore I completed 100% of all objectives in Liberty and Hearts but skipped the achievements.

Sigh.. but my ID player is ERROR! Square enix sucks! Still no combat music toggle? That's all I want from this patch ._. Fallout 4 comes first unfortunately. Lol.VERY excited about the minion Aion Gold arena.Only things I don't like about the footage are the new hairstyles (nothing special and the fro looks a little too stupid, minions are gonna clip through it too. Kind of an immersion killer) and the voice of the lalafell girl (love the model/character but judging from the one line the dub sounds terrible.)

I'm a casual player so unfortunately dungeons don't do much for me, I'll run them once or twice but that's not enough to get any gear. frown emoticon . Hell yessss rdy for new 24 man raid my fc is rdy for it and finaly my van van dragon mnt . No time for FFXIV with so many great games coming out this holiday season. Fallout 4 and Xenoblade Chronicles X alone will keep me busy until January. You're missing out then. Of course, you could always play all 3.  I wish, 50 hour work weeks + doctoral work keep me way to busy. It took me 4 and a half weeks to beat DmC last month. In fact I'm lucky to get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted "gaming time" per week.


how to play any melee classes

So why is Diabolos being featured again? Didn't we basically kill him at Amdapoor? Also when are you guys gonna actually balance out and differentiate the jobs? All the melee jobs feel like rehashes of each other as they all share the same mechanics now and it's boring. I *hate* blood of the dragon and especially the fact that Fang & Claw and Wheeling Thrust ARE THE EXACT SAME WEAPONSKILL WITH DIFFERENT POSITIONS. So in actuality DRG only got 4 new skills, not 5 and it's random which one activtes. Just not happy with the state of the game right now even though 3.0's plot was extremely well done.

He was weakened from his long hibernation and retreated there. He mentions that during the fight. Sorry but not all the melee are like each other. Monk and Dragoon play nothing alike. Monk is massively heavy on positional attacks where Dragoon is just a couple. Everything is really balanced at the moment . Seems like you just want something to complain about FFXIV Gil. And if you really wanna whine about drg u missed that opportunity. It got a special patch a long time ago to bring it up to par. Have u actually played any melee classes? Ive lveled every job to 50 n they have things in common but there all different. Closest are probably ninja n monk n even then they switch it up nicely. People level one class to 60 and cap on ilvl and Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils they think they're done with the game. There are other things to do, like level other jobs, craft, help other players get through patches, collect minions, mounts, achievements, etc. Expand out of your comfort zone of just a single toon/job .Or better yet, go play other games or go outside. I don't know. Geez.

You forgot naked parades/dance parties with your FC in high populated cities.


ffxiv exp from lvl 50 dungeons

 Final fantasy xiv it's worth playing. And I played since march 2014. I'm hooked to the game. Final fantasy xiv for life.  I just downloaded the game.. is it part of the game Buy FFXIV Gils that none of the characters have voices, just the subtitles with mouths moving? Cause that seems like it would be annoying after 10 minutes. This event was one of the best yet. Huge Thank you to Naoki Yoshida and the ff team FFXIV Gil ^.^ Hauchefant Minion, please and thank you. There was concept art for this shown in the 14hr stream so it's in the works.I lost my level 50 maxed out dragoon so i feel your pain, but i didnt mind going through it all again. Have a tank and a bard at 60 now. Grind it out man. why grind? i reached lvl 50in just 3days and today i bought heavensward.

If you can't do it, get over it, because its still another month and a half till 3.1. Wow the animosity from other players is a bit surprising, gear progression is a joke anyway.  Yeah, the negativity here is rather surprising for the ffxiv community. If it makes you feel better, I only get Neverrape. Gabriel Estrada Really? I remember it being a case of "One that everyone farmed, and the other one was too difficult for bads to ever complete.

no ultima online is the very fist of this gender.  Lemme rephrase.
WoW was, and still sort of is, the most successful MMO out.  I just wish SE had stayed true to their formula from 11 in many aspects. Well there are other ways to cap tomes. There are hunts, and there's also Alexander. I personally just do an expert roulette and a trials roulette a day and I'm capped.  Same will happen to WHM since the Astro is OP. Ugh, sad the exp from lvl 50 dungeons is 3.1 . Does the game will add more Yard for buy a house ? To all those who have just joined Final Fantasy if you haven't added sub time yet


Vana’diel Summer Campaign Compendium

Free to play after initial buy yet? What's the most populated server FFXIV Gils? I'm on Phoenix and it's getting weak. Too bad they killed the game for half their players...

Beat the summer heat with the Vana’diel Summer Campaign Compendium and the Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza, which both commence tomorrow!  looking forward to this! love the campaigns . All six people left will be there. why?that makes no sense?? Because our subscription fees keep the servers online.

The day the game stops making money, is the day that they announce its shutdown. is other ways to keep it up.like other f2p games. So glad I came back recently. The quality of life changes were long overdue. I don't plan to cancel until the game shuts down. I'd love one last blast round vanadiel but ffxiv takes up my time. Still one of the only few games I enjoy. Making a return was the best gaming decision I made. Wooooohaaaa! It's not going F2P, it's just going to 1) stop doing new content updates in Nov and 2) will likely gradually lose players over time until it finally closes down for good.  They say anything about a sever merge? buy cheap FFXIV Gil

I have not played in years. I am trying to recover my acount. Used to be on the Bismarck server. Any chance you could add again Koru-Moru Trust, I missed it last year and he never been able since that., Well this game will always have great memories but them dragging the PS2 along is pretty much what killed it....i mean now that 360 is gonna be able to play on X1 this would have been awesome if they just ported it to PS3 or PS4 but great games have to end sometime...and for those who still play..kill a mangy for and /poke faffy for me.


more battle pets of WoW

Do you even listen to your community? Nobody is asking for more battle pets. Blizzard you're losing your integrity really fast. sorry ryan a good 70%+ of the playerbase is just casual LFR hero's. they have to make cheap DFO Gold the game for their majority.  I have always collected the pets, long before Pandaria. Just because you don't doesn't mean no one wants them.  I miss talking to people in parties, or in main cities. Now all you see are trolls in /2.

Right before I quit, there wernt even trolls in /2 anymore, at least on my server frown emoticon.  If you can even talk to people. All chat is about whining about hunters or talking about anal. There is no real convo's anymore.  Subs were much much lower, like say in vanilla or bc. But you knew that, right? Or maybe not since I'm guessing that's when you left and you just like to troll. Ryan u are wrong, vanilla sub grown every month, wod goes down every week. That's the difference.

Ryan youre a moron, obviously you have to look at his statement in context, not compare now to vanilla. Ryan O'Hara, in vanilla subs were rising buy DFO gold. Now subs are dropping faster than they've ever risen.. They dont wonder why subs have lowered, idiot. They know good and well, that's why WoD wont last long. actually they aren't wondering. in their interview they expected the loss and 'everything is fine'. We want to fly, Anthony. It's a big part of the game for some of us. You have every right stay on your ground mount. Enjoy!&DFO Gold; Flying IS that bigger deal to people who have limited play time due to real life taking priority. By the time you got from one place to another, your game time is halved... Enabling flying would allow people with limited time to do that little bit more by getting there quicker... Most of the time I don't pay sub because I don't see the point when I can barely get anything done.


DFO Naruto class

A move where the CEO and Danjun high five and everything dies. CEO and Danjun do fusion dance to form the APC Ceojun...or would it sound better as Danceo? Lol...now it sounds italian lol.  I find that funny, especially since I'm part Italian.

Damn, How about we NOT have a Naruto class buy Dugeon Fighter gold. It'd be nice not to have that abomination shitting this game up. Shadow dancer sounds like what you're talking about as she's all about back attacks and preparing them. I agree with James about Kunoichi. I also agree with the others about cheap DFO Gold Shadow Dancer.Kunoichi is more like a pyromancer, and Shadow Dancer is more of a ninja type.I also agree that the one's dissing Naruto probably only watched like 5 to 10 episodes before dropping it. (No offense, but that's the impression that's being given) I have items and exp pots waiting for the F.Slayer's release. I want a passive where every skill becomes a Regular Attack tongue emoticon

I lost all my motivation to play at OBT2 start. I have a rogue and an f.grappler around lvl40 but I can't get arsed to play them when I know I won't play them at all after we get f.slayer. 4 characters are more enough for me to manage I think.
On a more fun side however, I'd love a passive for the Berzerker's Bloodlust that causes the skill to steal percentage based hp for the Zerk and also increase his attack speed, and of course scale with leveling of the passive. I like the zerk but whenever Derange is on cooldown I feel like I'm swinging around a tree.


DFO is a marvelous game

If boss uniques don't fit your class, they're meant to be disassembled, especially when you get to Ghent and above.  ive figured as much, it would still be nice to be able to use them.

Thanks for working to compromise Neople. I look forward to seeing what targeted solutions you implement instead for the future.  the absence of materials make everything more expensive for everyone, as the supplies are being hoarded instead of being available readily.

That's a pretty intriguing idea.  And well thought out DFO Gold too. We need more of this kind of "idea suggesting".  Please make boss pinks account bound! That's the only major downsight left for me. You can only do so much but we the players who appreciate your work will continue to support and play this game till the end of days. Neople. Keep up the good work, and never give up the fight.

I don't even have words for how awesome Neople has been throughout cheap DFO Gold this entire process. It fills my heart with such joy to have this marvelous game come back from the grave even better than it was before in every way. These guys are the absolute best people in gaming.


Benchmark and Pheobe's place

Do I need an active sub to try this? Cuz I'm not subbing again till the expansion drops.  It doesn't apply to you as you use  a PS. ?? Benchmark and Pheobe's place! lol Or Avacado cheap FFXIV Gil! lol

Phoebe doesnt have a pc either.. but Avocado is an option! The au ruas looking real pretty I might have to reconsider.  not sure if its pre-order or collectors but we get a phantasia potion with it.

Thank you. Not likely to return though. Hope y'all are doing well!   I want to see video of u making an Au Ra race with Aura by gaga playing in the background .


dragon weapon

Happy to see DFO back. Been kicking butt with my Nen Master and Brawler for about a week now. Good times.  Hey can some one help me my launcher every time I open it says....unable to download DFO Gold files -2 please contact Web manager.

What file is the launcher stuck on? You could find it and delete it, or uninstall, delete what was in the directory and rerun it. cannot download it.please provide another link plis.i having trouble downloading buy DFO Gold using launcher. Guys i didnt know the dragon weapon couldnt be trade betwen characters and now my gunner is stuck with a sword.

'This is the ultimate action RPG that will survive till the end of time!'' Level 35 unless you're a Dark Knight, Creator or Chaos Knight. The latter aren't allowed to PVP. Been playing for a while. I was wondering about something though. How come my characters aren't on the west channel since I chose the east?


FFXIV new hairstyles launching in Heavensward

Patch 2.56 is live and brings the power of the Echo to the Final Coil of Bahamut, and increased drop rate for primal mounts, and fixes for several known issues.  That ending got my mind=blown.

Thank you SE for making a game made worthy to keepDFO Gold
playing! makes u eager for heavensward huh?? just to see how the story progresses lol they did an amazing job keeping us in suspense for 3.0 lol.

 I'm amazed they made it as dark as they did. I love the dark plotlines, and I was quite impressed to see it in an MMO

. Now if they'd only keep to their own storytelling and REMOVE ALL ECHO from folks who have done Keeper of the Lake and above.

Midgarsormr removed the blessing of light, not the echo. it's two separate things. Downloading now, looking forward to moving ahead with a new MMORPG that seems to be very promising after playing WoW for so many years. Hopefully the endgame raiding will be entertaining.


Final Fantasy Collectors

As a DRG from FFXI Rise of the Zilart, i'm so damn pleased to see us shine atleast in a CGI haha Hail DRGs!

Join my new Final Fantasy Collectors group. Share and look at some amazing Final Fantasy memorabilia .&FFXIV Gil ; Everyone is psyched for Dragoon, and I'm sitting here waiting for Red Mage, haha.  Major fan girling right now but be warned it does have some spoilers from main story.

That Spoiler Alert in the beginning was MUCH APPRECIATED, I just finished the last story quests and HO-LY CRAP.   Considering this is pretty much leading to SKY, I'm guessing the next expansion will be SEA.

 I stopped to buy FFXIV Gil at the part where it said it had spoiers...I'm almost done with the entire story line - MUST WAIT! LOL Can't wait to watch it though!    Yeah, HUGE spoilers in there and you don't learn about that until the end of 2.55, so wait until you clear the ENTIRE main storyline before watching.


discuss on DFO FP system

It may be honest, but its mostly just complaints that does not make any sense. They are whining just to whine. Oh yes, label people who have honest critique as "haters, kids, and trolls" Makes life easier doesn't it?
buy Dungeon Fighter Gold

Not to mention he never even said the word kids or troll, so way to put words in his mouth. He just said haters, and that's exactly what they are. They hate the system therefore buy Dungeon Fighter Gold they are haters. You are the kid and troll. And yet people will still be eternally convinced that FP ruins the game. It takes me at least 3-4 hours to burn through all my FP. It's plenty to do things with and if you're still upset about running out of FP, get on another character. This game supports players who like playing as many of the classes as they want DFO Gold.

My friends and I play every day, it takes less than 3 hours to burn 156 FP. Trust me. But the issue isn't with the FP system, it's that when you try to main a class, unless you stock on a bunch of growth potions, growth fatigue, and fp supply, it's hard to main a character and get it to cap.


I like DFO

Submitted another ticket showing both server screens and DFO Gold the Facebook linked to the account. While I not hurting over it, something is still wrong, since I never got the characters.

That was absolutely hilarious and so unfortunate for Mr.Ceo. Mr. CEO and CP are troopers to put up with that sort of abuse. You guys seem like a really awesome team. Mind taking a look at my post and helping me so I can play this?  I really want to report this guy using hacker in the game! Like everyone else, I want to help you guys make a better game environment so that we can play DFO longer and better;D

Important questions! are you guys gonna wipe the data from open beta test, or buy DFO Gold will we be able to keep the characters and everything once it's launched?  No wipes, granted nothing like a serious earthquake or other happens. I beg you, contact IP regional restrictions. I like DFO. Do not let the players lose confidence! ! !


Final Fantasy IV gets Cloud support on mobile devices

Final Fantasy IV gets Cloud support on mobile devices! Haven’t got the game? Then check out the links below and you can join the Red Wings up in the sky!  I was about to comment this ^ lol
cheap FFXIV Gil
 Crystal Chronicles was the best one......not even as a joke that goes well... Final fantasy ix was my childhood ... But I liked VII and loved VI ... VIII was ... a "weed" game! Haaha... But lightning :))))... FFXIV Gil

XIII was bad. Story was good, but side quests and other stuff , just too fast to beat it :S Don't taint FFIV with the incessant FFVII comments. I still can't believe how understated FFVI is because of that game. We need ffvi hd. most of the older games got some support like 3 and 4 on DS and 4 on psp getting extended story. 6 hasn't been treated since ps1.  VII is a living Legend. all the other are almost a significant as VII one way or another. one thing's for sure: we all love FF. I'm sick of the lame arguments I haven't played 1-5 and I hate the real time battle system. If the brought back turn based battle I would love in again.


Adventurer’s Guild

I'm on the faerie server, rolling a 24 ARC/going for smn at 30. I'm new to FFXIV and looking to meet some ppl to party up with! My name is Jasper Kaine, please add me if you are also looking for people to buy FFXIV Gil chat and party with.. Thanks.  Streaming right now and every night at 11pm for the next month. Tune in now to join me on the start of an epic adventure.

Just started playing, level 15, Thaumaturge. Very dissatisfied. I purchased the game, played a while and decided to cancel. Then a few weeks later I changed my mind and purchased a second copy of the game. Now they will not allow me to create an account so I can use the second copy I purchased. I am filing a complaint with my credit card company if I do not hear back in 24 hours, since their so called online support simply states it is broken... if my 14 days free trial expired, do i ned to redownload the game if i want to continue?

I'm on day three of my 14 day free trial. Is it possible to buy cheap FFXIV Gil solo story mode as a level 20 character?


i think the ffxiv account is quite fair

I actually think the price for the prizes is quite fair.. u dont want to have everything in a week this way its gonna take you a good amount of time  unless u get lucky on cactpot n win the million ofc lol i won 10k on the mini 1 was enough to get me started sittin at 20k nows.

I feel like the prices of everything assume people are going to sit in gold saucer 24/7 getting 1st place every time in chocobo races and doing all the events.I'm a new player. i have a question: if i try the demo, and use the 14 days free making an account, and cheap FFXIV Gil then i buy the game on steam, i will have the 30 days given for a new account? Yeah, when you apply the code to the MogStation after your purchase you get your first month free. You should wait until the 14 days are over though.

sorry for bothering with my noob questions, i have another one i've already bought the game (i did before reading your answer!) but i didnt' use the code, can i play the demo? or it's too late now that i bought the full game? I am m gonna start for the first time today, I played all Final fantasys A thousand times! So I wonder How ff14will be!  can't wait to see the gold saucer again, but as lvl 1 it will take A While before I get there.

I didn't start playing until just about 2 weeks ago and can't get enough. It really is a great game...has a little bit of everything. You only have to get one class to lvl 15 to get there. You could do that in a day or two easy.


Recipes are classified and ordered by recipe level in ffxiv

Recipes are classified and ordered by recipe level, not by item level nor by item required level. So there will be times when you're looking for a piece of gear that requires level 10, but it will end up in the level 11-15 recipe bracket.

The recipe level brackets are completely useless once we cap the crafting job, but it's very useful during leveling. There should be an option to replace the recipe level brackets with quick filter buttons like the market board, but better than the market board. For example these buttons should be readily accessible:
Intermediate Items: if you're BSM, clicking this button should list all the ingots/rivets from all level ranges; if you're WVR buy ffxiv gil, it should list all the threads and cloths; LTW, the leathers
Fighter/Sorcerer/Crafter/Gatherer/All toggle button: clicking on this button will toggle between the five filters, so I can quickly locate all the CP accessories on my GSM, for example
Job specific buttons: these buttons should dynamically change according to the toggle above. So click on Fighter, then on PLD, and I get all the armors available to the PLD on my ARM (but exclude the more general Fighter gear). On my BSM this would list all the swords. No more skimming though all the crafter tools when you're just looking for that weapon recipe.
Tier Up/Tier Down: for example my list goes Bronze Ingot, Bronze Rivet, Bronze Rings, Iron Ingot, Iron Rivet, ...; by clicking Tier Up, the list jumps to put the Iron Ingot at the top. This is extremely useful for GSM where each "tier" of materials you get 6 stat-related stones and elemental materials.

And a shopping cart feature would be nice, but that may be asking too much when we can't even manually disable tracking specific quests...