FFXIV Halloween event gave a broom mount

 I was a top .1% player in WoW and recently quit to play something a little more casual because I don't have the time for a WoW raid schedule commitment so.  Does anyone else want a patch to customize chocobos more? I miss the longer Tails the Chocobo's in 15 had...Woo another goofy looking samurai helmet! Woo another goofy looking samurai helmet!  Every New Years they do these, this years has a Chocobo on it, haha I love the events. Tiffany Comeaux Yeah it sucks they just looks ridiculous besides the dragon one. And the events just keep getting lazier.

 "The events just keep getting lazier." Are you shitting me? One, the Heavensturn event is always simpler. Two, last year's Halloween event gave a broom mount, FFXIV Gil this year's had a minigame INSTANCE, Little Ladies Day and the anniversary event had interactive stageplays, and this year's Christmas event had a much asked for, well designed glamour item. And all of them have adorable stories, decorations, and gimmicks. What more do you want?  And will it go free to play ?.Stupid stuff, but im already subbed so i guess i'll still do it. No. Stop asking. Go play some other shitty FTP.

Ed Tahana Why it's doing great as is? Cheap FFXIV Gil If it went free to play countless features would get ruined. Do you wanna ruin another amazing MMO? No no it doesn't ever. No it doesn't need to go free to play. Play something else if you can't afford it. No, Ed Tahana, this will never and should never go as F2P, please stop asking.

There are videos upon forums upon videos about the differences between F2P and subscription based games and both have pros and cons, but there are a bunch of reasons that you can research yourself as to why ffxiv is a and will always be a subscription based game. All games will go free to play and this will go free to play. Can't wait until it goes free to play.  XI has been going near 12 years and it's not free to play. Stop. Take your cancerous F2P notions to Guild Wars.  Kid's just trolling. Just let him say whatever he wants and let's just enjoy our premium game.


The Alchemy Event is back

 I'm playing again after a few years, my lvl is 34 Assassin and I got craft skill with tailoring and jewelry. Looking for party or a group related to Aion. guys i worry becuz if im gonna play aion there well be a notification failed to intialize the game what was that mean? need help! Virtual contest with virtual reward and still can't enter from anywhere but the US.. still, after all these years -.-fcking ashholee! this game i want to play but what fcking is this failed to initialize the game pleasE! is there a problem with this!

 I want to make end game developers of Aion instant instances,instant battlegrounds,instant Raids and Dredgion and remove that cd from All like Wow.  what happened to Aion? Buy Blade and Soul Gold i updated my game today(wednesday) and now its not loading anymore...tried to restart a few times but same result? what did you do? Can someone say me for Marchutan Protector's set and weapon ...can it break in temperance? wtb a merger server for tiamat.. the most dead server on game.. hello. Aion-san can you please put some updates of the new patch? It is so unfair for us Facebook users that we need to check twitter instead for Facebook for latest news. At least hear us out kindly pls?

The Alchemy Event is back! Open a daily free chest for the next two weeks and create keys by combining Alchemic Essence with a Lead Fragment! Gary Hill What the heck is wrong with your NCSoft webpage. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I can't log in. It say Error. There is something wrong on our end. Please try back in a few minutes. This has been going on for days now. I can't put in a ticket because it takes me to the log in page in order to do that and OF COURSE, I can't log in. Also. I left for a few years and now have time in my life to play again and my account no longer exists. All the characters I used to play and had spent hundreds of dollars on are gone??? That's just not right.

Anyone else get the "Disconnected From Server" in game followed by Email from NCSOFT Games saying: "Your Aion subscription has been cancelled.Starting with your next billing period, you will no longer be charged for this pack.If you did not cancel this order, please contact customer support.Please make sure to print or save a copy of this notice of cancellation for your records.Thank you for being a part of the Aion community and we look forward to seeing you in the game!

Aion Boundless Sorrow wings

The Boundless Sorrow wings are probably my new favourite wings out of the entire game, right next to Ancanus and Tiamat wings. Some of these are really nice but I'm disappointed that there are so few. I know a lot of people worked hard on their entries and their works are not featured. I will build one of them! Real working mechanical gears with carbon fibres and Aerospace Aluminium. Why can't I get onto the official Aion.na page? It keeps redirecting me to Yahoo.  i just joined the game can any one tell me ,which server is have more player tiamat or siel ? i love but i never win nothing in Aion since am play game about same years have game coming out.

Could you at least give credit to the artists and write their names? Not everyone signed their works and now they're just posted to the public for anyone to steal. I understand it's partially their own fault, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold but it's still sad seeing so many works and not knowing who they're coming from. Same with the BnS outfit designs.Nothing creative all are a cheap copy of which are now only one is different, so that more wings that están3 enough and there are plenty.It's been 48 hours since we responded to your ticket (an item saved my account was lost in my staff vault) and we haven't heard anything back from you. We're going to assume that this issue is solved, but if it isn't, please reply to this email or click the link below:

I gave up if you can not solve the problem Buy Blade and Soul Gold if I lost me and I give up you who are managing the game and everything in it How I respond ticket (support) if the page will not let me access siemplemente gives error and mistake more. The Boundless Sorrow wings are probably my new favourite wings out of the entire game, right next to Ancanus and Tiamat wings. The Boundless Sorrow wings are probably my new favourite wings out of the entire game, right next to Ancanus and Tiamat wings. Bat wings should win for sure...most effort etc hands down.  I guess NC is adding to the album a little at a time. Possible to have the name/server of the artists?

 Some of these are really nice but I'm disappointed that there are so few. I know a lot of people worked hard on their entries and their works are not featured. I will build one of them! Real working mechanical gears with carbon fibres and Aerospace Aluminium.  Why can't I get onto the official Aion.na page? It keeps redirecting me to Yahoo. i just joined the game can any one tell me ,which server is have more player tiamat or siel ?   i love but i never win nothing in Aion since am play game about same years have game coming out.


BnS F2 Bugged for Legendary Soul Shield Stats

Guys, the server is LAGGING bad, and is not normal, even players with usual low ping are having spikes, it started 20 minutes ago, same happened last night. This is my second day of subscription and I am having a bad experience due to this lag, please find some fix.Can someone help me (imbox).  Any news for Oceanic/SEA Server ?

I have never shown an interest in this game, nor any other NCSoft game, yet I started receiving emails from you on my Business Email Account. WHY? I have forwarded you information to my state attorneys office, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold as they are curious to know how you got a hold of my email, which is only for in office use, never used on the web.  Better be top 4 and not gimp and add the other 2 extra for being a "close race". Best Friend wasn't supposed to come back because it didn't make top 4 and you put it back anyway. Especially when some were RNG box outfits.

I do too. But it's tilting when you RNG a rare outfit to have it reinstated and more people have it when the outfit was not supposed to initially return in that poll rotation. Blade and Soul Gold If it came back as an actual top4 winner that is a different story. It was released on Valentine's Day so it will be back in february again (probably). It's the same as putting back christmas outfits in July . There're more costumes you know, a year later and you just throw at us the same things over and over again.....

So sad i missed crimson butterfly.. I hope ill be able to get it later. Devotion too...  you guys went on maint, but still havent fixed the F2 Bugged for Legendary Soul Shield Stats yet? wow good job. yayy more outfits how about starting to improve the damn game first? i want to play blade and soul but my comp doesnot let me login in :( I no longer care about your friggin patch that most likely won't solve any of the disconnect issues and client shutting down completely if a loading screen accidentally takes a little longer than conventional. Also frak content that needs 9000+ AP and CERN's supercomputer to play.


where to Buy Blade and Soul Outfit Stamp

Buy Outfit Stamp 6pcs = PHP.  Neck drop rate increase? Fixing F2 for EU ? bzzz  please put mol points billing station.  How this works? I dont have problems with FPS since this game made me roll range class :P if this game hopes to be more of a game it needs more balanced and ways to use ur money :P it isnt fun the game making you put 20$ for a 1,399 outfit when most of them are 1,199NCoins : Cheap Blade and Soul Gold / Revelation Online will stomp you hard if u dont do something good.

You can easily get any outfit using gold with the currency exchange. O.o ive never spent any money on costumes and i have one of every rotation since headstart.  finally they gonna meet tatal haha.  wtf wrong in whirlwind valley? always dc. I wanted to play so much but my computer does not run. Does it have some new outfit from Hoongmon store? 24-player Dungeon Night's Wind Plains. Still waiting for sea server. Hello, i started playing 4 days ago, and today my account got blocked, and cat create another to make a ticket. May i ask what is the reason ? I emailed support and did not answer. Account name Kuropuri.

wish i could get a reply on this cuz its very important, i live in the UAE and we having an issue here, we cant open the game and all we get is "Login Failed (42)" error .. anybody got a solution or blade and soul please? , i sent a ticket and got a fix that made the game work for few hours then it didnt work again the next day, Buy Blade and Soul Gold hope to find anything usefull on the page, Thanks. Dear company "NCSOFT" I have a question for you why you do not watch your projects because I'm playing the Russian localization tired to endure as many players and their team Forgeym concept ИНОВА especially in our server can not pull anything, I even put on the laptop settings with poor performance settings does not help more than 15 FPS and that they did not do it to add costumes and prevention that do not help us to play normally as frequent crashes and does not interface with the internet.

 Blade & Soul what the hell is happening with the game.. to install it i need to repair it like 100 times. And even when i repairing, it's sometimes crushes.. !!!! I'm wondering when does the NPCs that sell halloween items will end. Is on the 16th of November? The reason why i'm confused is because the "candies" says its redeemable until the 6th of December so I am guessing the Npcs will continue to sell Halloween items until that date?


Kingdom Hearts is a legendary franchise

Yeah, Cindy is definitely for the horny men... I'd like Lunafreya to be playable. I suppose it also lacks diversity because you (so far in the demos) don't get to control anyone but Noctis.   I, for one, am going to enjoy the eye candy but, I'm going to be much more immersed in the story than the guys. Some female characters are good to play, but there are some that are not *cough* Lightning *cough*.

Some people, especially on game forums are just butt hurt and jealous that the game has sexy guys in it. Imagine if they were all rugged ugly guys with roided out bodies, FFXIV Gil I guess it would be a different story. There are many video games where females are the lead characters. DOA Xtreme, and many others. Trey Nicks is right though story comes first."In the end, it's Noct's story." Prompto voice actor said, after all.

 who cares? doesn't have to have sexy exposed women in the game just for you virgin faggots. its a story and the main characters are that way for the story. get over it. go play final fantasy 10-2 if you want to jack off over female characters.  Imagine ff7s story line without playing as aeris, or ff12 without playing as Ashe or basche. Buy FFXIV Gil Being able to play as important characters is just as important to the story as the plot itself. I'm not asking for perv material, I'm outright against it, that crap will ruin the game.

I mean Kingdom Hearts is a legendary franchise and you only play as Sora. And Riku at the end of 2, and his storyline in Chain of Memories but that's it.  I dont know what is the meaning of this trailer i still confused. but but as you can see in this trailer, can we use the gun in this game??? during the event this morning, the TGS trailer was showcased with the French voice actors, will we get the English cast version as well in the near future?


would like to play BNS again

How is this game doing population wise? I stopped playing back in May, since Poharan seemed dead and arena was overrun with bots...would like to play again if things are better..  I dont see that much bots anymore tbh lol and Poh 24 / Nsh 24 man is dead af nobody doing it anymore its deserted.  Poh 24/Nsh 24? Which servers are most populated ATM, Buy Blade and Soul Gold I don't want to play on a dead server lol. Well, as servers were merged, a lot of them are now overpopulated in certain areas. It really depends on where you are.

 Population with the linked server groups would feel about the same, or somewhat less than before the links (which would be less than around the time you described) since students are back to playing now that they're back into the school routine. Don't bother rerolling on other servers, you can never predict what populations will do, they'll likely merge/link servers some more, and much of what you need to do with others you can do in with the cross server system.

If bots bothered you, while you don't see them as readily, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold they're still there, as botters have been scamming players out of their account info. This means just because you don't see as many characters with random letters for names, doesn't mean there aren't bots around. I'd say the player, to bot ratio as remained unchanged. Bot just don't bother with arena much any more as it's not nearly as lucrative as it used to be, and they go where the money is. The cheaters, win traders, scripters, and so forth are still around though.

ok so am seeing alot of salty people commenting but its 2016 and everyone is acting like bitch these days and am thinking about going back to playing BnS but am not that sure, is it really good at the moment or what ?


BnS Ebondrake Citadel preview stream

Missed our Ebondrake Citadel preview stream? No problem, we post all our streams on Youtube for your convenience! Subscribe so you never miss an update!  South America server please. No translations needed. Brazil speaks Portuguese and the other countries speaks Spanish, but we know english and doesn't mind. this looks really fun! it will keep me occupied while i download revelation online. i needhelp why is it when i start the game the games says connecting then it stops and says connecting server failed pls try again later.. dev pls fix this.

at forum, Blade and Soul Gold form january and now october, loading problem not solved, so wth thier do about this? every single time loading to another dungeon get dc.game crashed 10 times in row... wtf if wrong... a cannot play any more... this sucks. game crashed 10 times in row... wtf if wrong... a cannot play any more... this sucksMassively Multiplayer Online Money Stealer. That's what I am going to call these games from now on. Make a Server for Philippines or South East Asia Atleast.

Any plans on asian language packs?  im talking about proper integration.. the stuff in google is just a makeshift really. we've been asking for this for a long already Buy Blade and Soul Gold o.o. The Ebondrake Citadel patch notes are up! Looks like Jax fell into the Ocean and sat there for 10 years. And I thought that I'm the only one who think this boss look like Jax XD. I don't understand, if you have stopped playing the game, why would you even care ? Yea. I got a vague feeling people will be asking for 700 AP people only to join this.

It's just ridiculous. I mean people are asking for 600+ for Yeti. I can run with my alt and clan mates Asura with just 530 AP and we can finnish it if no one dies or screws up the mechanic. People just think that the more AP you have the more pro you are or something like that. only see people who left care more for this game from actually players '-'  You know what's also up? The amount of people leaving your game, and the number of bots in SSP...but that's none of my business...


BnS Ebondrake Citadel dungeon preview stream on

Join us TOMORROW at 4PM PST for an Ebondrake Citadel dungeon preview stream on.  If you put a good team to clear the entire dungeon, and show everyone how hard it's Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ...Also explain that it's not AP, but mechanics that are needed to complete this dungeon. It easier than tomb. But the mechanics are still very important.

tomorrow lol. is the last day of the month. and then its the beta starting month of Revelation Online. See a brief overview of the Ebondrake Citadel dungeon, and the horrors that lurk within. Are you guys going through maintenance right now ? :3 Cause i didn't see any notification about it but the launcher keeps saying it's under maintenance. Blade & Soul ah yes, i thought you guys would update the maintenance on the facebook page :)))) my mistake, thank you.

oh god ,ithougt my pc cant handle this game haha ,newbie here. Ok..i'll expect premade req of "800AP++++++ Link 20+++runach" just few hrs after release. "Nerfed" Zakhan. Well, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold this dungeon is easier than Desolate Tomb. NCsoft ...you win so i give up...where is the story line..just focus on DG update and silly daily spin.. The game still doesn't let me in, just i have this problem or others have it too?

The game still doesn't let me in, just i have this problem or others have it too? Because it's crap and gives many people who play on university campuses error 4049s, and is probably the worst security software for games out there. And then incomes all the hackers and DDOS attacks. Alright. Lmao.


FFXIV XBox community just always seemed so toxic

You may have missed it there where they added more fucking useless housing systems and added a feature to a pointless juke box you can't adjust your world music with. But give them a break. They always say due to memory constraints that have to implement small easy features at a time. At least we will get to finally enjoy the egi glamour system they boasted about and finally utilize the add-on feature they promised since 2.0.

Just not exactly this patch or possibly any time below 9.7. They really did a good job reviving 1.0 with the job system and updated ui only to drive it back into the mmo graveyard with Cheap FFXIV Gil a barrage of housing simulators.   Look, maybe I'm wrong, but the XBox community just always seemed so toxic... I'd rather keep them away from my game. Ffxiv not being available on Xbox has always been the fault of Microsoft. SE has offered to bring it to Xbox...if Microsoft agrees to integrated servers like on PS and PC. Microsoft has consistently refused to budge on that point, so SE continues to deny them the game.

All those feature will look really great when your player base is in the couple hundred thousands by the end of the year. I've lost all my faith in this being the next big game. And thats sad cause I thought I stood a better chance at 1.5 than it does now at 3.x. And faithful held my sub to date. But wtf is anyone ranting in the comments? buy FFXIV Gil Not like sqex or ff14 team even reads player reception and suggestions. The only thing they ever pretend to hear is what's thrown in their faces at the stupid fanfest!!

I was extremely disappinted by the lack of BLM in the mhachi storyline. There's like, none at all. This is the place BLM evolved from! Sounds like this patch will be a fight to the death with warrior of darkness lol If they want my soul they going to take it by force!!!!!  Oh man! Did you see where they are finally adding the crowd favorite Viera race?! And the long await hybrid classes like Red Mage?!


B&S massive content release rush going on

Max Jenius .... you forgot to mention Parallel if you know what that is... also, why you have to be such a bitch? all im saying is that im gonna be positive. doesnt have to be of your concern if im waiting or having hope that they might do a game for mac, besides the game came to NA servers after 4 years of being released so? and you do something with yourself because you are being too much, Buy Blade and Soul Gold getting so involved in what other people want or not, I wasn't directing my request to you in the first place plus I am a gamer too, "jenious".

Sarah Aradia Something like Parallel is fine if you are running general apps, not for gaming though, you'd want to use Bootcamp for games, especially big resource hogs like B&S. Also you'd still need to buy a copy of Windows, all Parallel does is *let* you run Windows inside the Mac OS, it doesn't come with Windows. It's hardly free either, costs about as much as an OEM copy of Windows.

Their taking four years to release B&S here doesn't make a Mac version more probably, it makes it less probably, as it shows how limited their interest is in this region for the game. Blade and Soul Gold Especially with the massive content release rush going on, there's also been plenty marking this as a quick cash grab that NCSoft intents to let die off soon enough. Companies don't put major investment into quick cash grabs, of an aging game, for a region they don't have much interest in.

Then if you don't want people to respond, or can't take it when people respond, don't post in the first place. This is a public forum you know. I was trying to be helpful, but if you just want to gripe, and insult me, then go ahead, wait forever for something that will never happen. Gaming is an expensive hobby, if even Windows is too expensive for you to get, then you shouldn't be trying to get into gaming at all.


how to get a Gem Hammer in Blade and Soul

You've got what could be a really great game here. Although by flat out ignoring all the issues many have with the client that cripples performance, and the server issues, at the same time focusing everything on the end-game players, while not giving a damn about the new/leveling players, plus pushing out four years of content.

In a year, the game just isn't what it could be at all. Blade and Soul Gold This all shows by how the game just keeps losing players, it already feels about as empty with the server merger, as it did before the merger, so I guess you'll be doing another before the game has been out for a year here. At what point will you guys get the hint that you're not handling things well? The whales won't be around for ever you know.

Can you fix that Network error 132 when we have super good internet connection? this will result to more players to quit your game ....daily dash was put on hold for the trove event intentionally... they told us that when trove was first announced.  Its cool how this gives you stuff to improve your gear, but if your gear isnt good you cant go in( i mean, ill go on with my shitty gear with or without this event) Buy Blade and Soul Gold get kicked all day everyday in lobby parties even with 600+ ap. maybe u need critical def..

Hi, how I can get a Gem Hammer? there are Lv25 guys with 3 sockets unlocked. I'm level 42 and I still have 1. You can get them from the market (F5) or cash shop(F10).


BNS warlock game play

So is the dps meter just like an on average dps meter or is there a way to see more detailed data? Just per second damage is not going to be all that accurate for dragon call warlock users. Blade and Soul Gold DC users have valleys in their damage where it can slip back once in a while but overall with the skill books and proper rotation use DC is way more than helix.If they are not getting the damage with DC then it's because they are not doing their rotations properly.

You do more pve damage with DC and the skill book overall. I do enough damage to pull aggro in a 600+ party. I am worried that a simple on average dps meter won't show a fair assessment to my skills. This would lead to me getting flamed when they are not seeing the whole picture. I am worried they will see a dip and flame even though I have done 3-4 times their damage output overall.

When I am doing enough damage to make the boss ignore everyone else and a down moment in my rotation shows an inaccurate picture of my overall damage output. This is is a bit of an unfair assessment.

Btw the highest Buy Blade and Soul Gold I have hit with helix is 13k but this was without fighting spirit and soul burn. So Maybe 18-20k if I am lucky. With DC that has been buffed with SB and FS I have hit for 53k . Helix has it's uses like for pvp and in areas where enemy health is so low you can't do proper charges on DC. However I just want to see my damage accurately reflected. It would be stupid to have people see a dip but not really see that you are doing among the top damage in the party. There are a lot of stupid people out there who will.


make design fits the BnS theme

I submitted, and I understand my entry on male outfit is way to plain which probably won't get me anywhere. But looking some of the selected costumes... I did kinda felt a shot down considering the amount of time spent researching making sure the design fits the BnS theme. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I just wish they post out all entry of participant and have real critics comments.

I submitted, and I understand my entry on male outfit is way to plain which probably won't get me anywhere. But looking some of the selected costumes... I did kinda felt a shot down considering the amount of time spent researching making sure the design fits the BnS theme. I just wish they post out all entry of participant and have real critics comments.

 Very disappointing about how you handled the contest and your criteria. Blade and Soul Gold Very low quality management compared to the previous contest. It's a shame for all the people which actually put effort in their entries. Probably some of them will never participate again. You did not even respect your own rules.

My feelings exactly. It's like totally not caring about the time and effort people invested. Totally unrespectful. Or we could have inspire from famous anime (since game is full of anime fans) that would 100% have lot of sales. Why bother to be original as the rules were saying. But well, what is done is done. We now know what we can expect in the future.



Best MMO hands down those who complain will never be satisfied...because well...it's the best MMO and still not good enough for them so stop complaining you don't like you don't buy and stay out of this page your negative comments are not needed in the FFXIV community. damn, I'm offline for 14 days now so I can't use it... c'mon square, FFXIV Gil you could've pulled me back into your web, but now I resist. No candy, no money.

Yeah you can, the campaign last until August 30th. It's 120 hours of game time for a month.  It's a 120 hour window from the moment you log in, not 120 hours total. oh, didn't see it was till august. The way it was written confused me (we write 25.8.2016), so didn't see it was a different month. Thx, Coty Marlowe.

I would play this so much more if I didn't have to pay for it, but that being said it is a terrific game that's very addictive. Thank you for this let me log in and trade all my stuff to my other half. Least she's gonna get use out of it. Apparently my inventory of shite was worth 1.2 million....Buy FFXIV Gil I'm looking forward to logging in again after so long, realising none of my guild mates play anymore and dying a little inside.

I wish youd put have the effort you put into trying to bring the casuals back into the players who are still subscribed. And stop losing them in the first place... Awesome! I know what I'm going to be doing for the next 120 hours of my life that I will never get back, and do I say it's worth it? I most certainly do! If there's ever a time to start playing again.


how to to farm for materials for level up in Blade & Soul

Thats just you bro. I bought like 25$ just to buy a friend an outfit for her birthday and thats all. I get like... 30g each day without effort and thats pretty fair to raise your character easily. Learn to play. Hate the player not the game.

It puzzles me that you guys think you just play a mmo and automatically become good Blade and Soul Gold . I have played alot of mmo's. And all of them have had some type of grind factor in the game. So what somebody has better gear than you? That shouldn't discourage you from focusing on yourself and upgrading your gear. Secondly, what mmo does not require you to put an insane amount of time to farm for materials or level up. And if those mmo's didn't have that what's the point of it being a mmo in the first place ? If this game was that easy , what would be the point of even playing it?

So what wallet warriors can achieve the same gear you got with hard work , how else is people supposed to keep up with someone who has no life or play this game 10+ hours a day? Buy Blade and Soul Gold Say what you want about this game but like it or not alot of people is still playing , and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. I agree with you. Players these days became lazy...they wish instant best gear in game...without effort.

MMORPG is not only game...it's virtual world with it's economy....
Being God almighty in real life...of course seems fun...you can do whatever you wish...but sooner or later it becomes boring...same thing is with game...congratulations you got instant best available gear in game and max amount of money...what happens next? How long it will take for you to become bored because no one can defeat you...PvP becomes boring...


pets will join advantage in Blade and Soul

it is nightmare even for swipers XD best way is to use them wen u need them other than that just hide them in ur bag so they dont need food. I'm pretty sure it isn't a nightmare for sensible people who don't rush for such stuff in the first place. It's nice owning one, but it's optional and it only provides slight HP increase at the most. Purple pets stay for 40hrs before u get to recharge them, blue ones.. i think 20hrs. Those pets.. when maxed gives u 15k hp + 900+ def. Im not tempting u. Blade and Soul Gold Im just saying the stats xD the recharge item is 1hr/pot (no idea how NA will call that recharge item) other than that.. those pets dont do anything but to look cute beside ur char.

I will just use them in ssp aganist mercenary. How about an update so that I don't have to temp disable my AV Firewall to load the game?
Pets are nice; feeding them gets tedious though.Same problem. You really need to disable your anti virus (AVG) before starting BNS. Avg is just bad ide go for an Antivirus that scores well.. Might as well just use Windows defender.

Christian Ishida loll... Cheap Blade and Soul Gold avg is the worst antivirus ever. seriously just use windows defender or mse. and since you already installed avg, good luck getting rid of it and all the crap its going to leave behind.btw AVG can has probably deleted some dll files in your system directory, just saying. Get a better anti virus McAfee doesn't blocks my game.

Will this update finally fix your servers/enable in-game ping boost like in Aion? I'm less than 500 miles from your main servers and I still get 200+ ping 5 months after release. You banned me for using WTFast which actually made the game playable at the ping I should be at, so instead of adding 'pets' and more content can you please make your game stable or let people use proxies/vpn's? PLS&thx. Great that pets will join our advantage but take care of the bots and spammers would be even better! Petnip will cost. How long before they start selling add-ons to decrease stamina burn or increase Chi, fetch drops automatically, etc? Maybe a max-ed out pet will glow or do some other trick to make it clear THAT pet comes with a credit card swiper attached. All of this stuff can be set to require constant payments and make lots of .


I really loved FFXIV

Final Fantasy VI boss! Man, this game continues to be the best investment ever by being the ultimate tribute game to the series. With the new Star Ocean, Persona, and Final Fantasy XV coming out soon, goodbye Eorzea. With the new Star Ocean, Persona, and Final Fantasy XV coming out soon, goodbye Eorzea.  If they close that goddamn server, and I've been paying monthly, then I will never buy a game from the franchise again. It better be up until I can platinum. Those games are ones and dones. FFXIV Gil This is forever adding. Bye felicia.

My recent social anxiety has kept me from getting into groups. But have you made it safe for us crafters? Last I heard YoshiP pretty much relegated us to second fiddle status by claiming that all players are gonna have to raid for stuff that's actually good.
All I can really do as a crafter is make stuff to make crafting easier for other crafters. Like. I can make swords too but why bother with those when you can just PUG a dungeon til you get the one that's better? Still super pretty however.

 I really loved FFXIV when if first started. However I ran out of content quickly and moved on. My biggest complaints, and main reasons I didn't return after the patch, is how closed in the world is. So many load screens and such lack of freedom. You may want to take a look at Heavensward Buy FFXIV Gil if you haven't already. As far as the open world, it's well beyond what ARR had to offer, and now in 3.2, there's far more than perhaps back in 2.0, and not just in terms of content.  what they need is an option to where you can cut the extreme detail in half. its unnecessary and it slow lodes to where you have to wait 30 seconds to a full minute or so for the quest NPC to lode.
otherwise its an awesome game.

i had to put my screen to 150% just to be able to play without extreme lag and be able to read what the quest NPC's were saying.  Ready for this storyline to come to a conclusion. As a legacy member who has been waiting to get into Ishgard since 2010 the whole story has been kindda a let down. Too bad this Garlean thing is going to drag on til 5.0 apparently, according to Yoshi P's comments about doom train. After 6 years I'm ready for something unique and new to come into the picture, story-wise.
2-feche a mão
3-diga o nome de 1 dia da semana
4-nome da pessoa q vc gosta
5-abra a mão
6-cole isso em 15 comentarios
E bem no dia q vc escolheu. Ira
diser que
Gosta de vc. E ira pedir vc em namoro.
Se vc rejeitar esse convite,,,tudo irá dar errado


Blade & Soul Twist of Fate outfit.

Yeah I didn't know crafting with so important until a week ago, I'm making my crafting level go up by making premium items that sell decently. I still have no idea how crafting works, gonna level up to 50 in a day or two and stop playing. MTS are pretty easy to craft, i think if u craft twice u have enough for all the items smile emoticon Just costs a bit, ofc. Could you please explain this to me? I'm betting you still can't achieve the second Twist of Fate outfit. Plus, and let's be honest, Blade and Soul Gold the outfits all look like they were designed by a 15-year-old doodling in the back of his math class notebook. You can't dye them, you can't turn off various visual elements in them, it's grind to the nth degree to attain them, and to what end? Simply to have them in your wardrobe? Nah, I'm done with BOTS & SPAM.

I ended up giving up on B&S with a month or so of premium left. Probable ended by now but everything seemed like too much grinding and not enough game play to do anything and premium seemed a waste of money except for costume storage, since for some reason they don't have a dedicated storage for everyone standard. as expected from 6v6 battleground.

I have 365 Days Membership ($124.99) and I haven't log in for almost a month now. I'm curious why are people angry at bots. I know how it's very frustrating to have bots on your team but I've seen bots killing Profane Jiangshi which helped me a lot because if there was no bots, I would never gotten profane. These new costumes are not limited right? buy Blade and Soul Gold They will be permamently on the store?

Can anyone help me, I'm trying to put some time just 30 days VIP subscription, just want the store within the game has only 90 days, is there any way to buy only 30 days or no longer exists. Sorry pronunciation and writing'm Brazilian speak little English. Really like the outfits. Will be getting them soon when I have some cash. Wait Lyns have to pay real money for shoes? Cause I don't think there are shoes on Lyn outfits in game. Who think its not a p2w game?


Blade and Soul PvP

Maybe if everyone could chill there wouldnt need to be any toxic players, as a game can't be toxic, only it's comunity. They wont fix it faster just because everyone is complaining about bots in PvP, help them, give them real help, if you work with this sort of stuffe, go ahead and help them instead of being toxic towards Ncsoft Blade & Soul Gold , that doesnt help in anyway.

Hi .. when i pick my charcter and press start game the game keep saying connecting and then the game close is this mean the server down? Khaled Fathy hmm in your case i'm not really sure,but there servers are down for maintinence for the time being, i'm sure they will let us know soon enough!  Is there any moment you are not doing any maintenance or having login server issues? Being dumb? Dude, No such MMO from big names like NCsoft is has these problems, yh, there were problems with server capacity or connection, but never login errors, no info about maintenance, no random crashes because of badly loaded textures and stuff etc.

Have this game for 3 weeks now, able to play for a week and few due to errors and maintenances? Am i the only person with the 4049 error problem ? :> how to fix this? Buy Blade and Soul Gold This web site is currently under maintenance. Please check back soon.  I can't play B&S because I don't have a acc and the site is on maintenance when the game is off maintenance like ffs rlly.

Instale B&S en otra pc y mis personajes ya no aparecen, me podrian ayudar? Unbalanced game, hackers and bots. I stop playing this crappy game. When i pick my charcter and press start game the game keep saying connecting and then the game close is this mean the server down ? Nicolas Coutant, producer on Blade & Soul, recently sat down with PCGamesN for an interview. See what he had to say about how betas influenced the western adaptation, future content, and more.


Blade & Soul Official regular maintenance

Waited for this game so long. Now i got bored after hitting platinum at arena cus the lack of endgame. Well ill just wait for another mmo tht hopefully can do.something about bots This gripes me a bit too. A small little link hiding ain't enough, need a big giant Maintenance picture to put top center so folk see it. Although folk ignored the Official regular maintenance post and spammed FB anyway. ...

An end game Buy Blade and Soul Gold patch just came out yesterday lol And u are plat anymore, that was just preseason.  Not really i didnt need to spend much time to get most things. Maybe cus ive played CN version and kinda lnow where is this game going and, for me, its no good enough to keep me playing. Plus there are a lot of people who have bad ping and cant be competitive. Dont get me.wrong im not trying to lure anyone to stop playing it im.just.giving a point of view while bns workers just think about the numbers of players.

Exactly, players from SEA like me have bad ping. Can't be competitive especially that my choice of class are KFM and destro.. sigh.  Heads up! If you play BNS NA and youre from SEA, forget it. Its going Blade & Soul Gold to be really frustrating. Ping wise its horrible for us. If you only do PVE it might be ok for you. No VPN for SEA players atm. I recommend playing the SEA servers to avoid wasting your time.

This gripes me a bit too. A small little link hiding ain't enough, need a big giant Maintenance picture to put top center so folk see it. Although folk ignored the Official regular maintenance post and spammed FB anyway.


Blade and Soul Costumes

Hi, i got two characters on two different server, i cant log in the highland gate server. After chosing the character an clicking on enter button nothing happen. Just stay there with the "connecting" message at the bottom.

What's going on with the game at the moment? I can't seem to connect to any server and my internet is fine Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Though there was, I believe, a massive disconnect earlier today. When official web,never says nothing about mantenances,when I have to search every single data about downtimes,etc unlike for example TERA,this is the momento to uninstall a game Cheap Blade & Soul Gold...

hope summoner pet skill Alley cat tooltip get fixed, says increases def but it should be dmg and thats why the title say and the other skill next to this do have the correct one with the def. Costumes that were event rewards in other versions or farmable.. are being sold in NA version for early access..

Let's hope that will be the case then for the upcoming months/updates. seen people lose connection to the servers in dungeons, me included, dont know if its just inside dungeons but so far it does. Same here, alesys getting disconnected in the altar of champions..   Eu servers. Ebon Hall. Could you please look into it. I did not received rewards from wheel of fate. So I thought I could be buged. Once I switched character I just cannot log in anymore. Thanks! Blade & Soul you ever going to address the bug with summoners? We can't pick a familiar so we can't advance in the game at all.


new download from B&S website

I need help please we are many!  I wish I could have afford most expensive one so I could have done two names... frown emoticon hopefully I can maybe nabbed the second one friday.... if its not taken.Expected to load in after the new download from B&S website. Now there are updates that are downloading at a horribly low speed.
How long the NA creation will last?

Thanks God, my name is actually Original but i just want to get the creation done, thank you Christopher! It would have been nice to know it was going to be another 8GB patch AFTER the download. Folks like us in Australia, who have one of the slowest net speeds, might not of got our hopes up that we could reserve the name we wanted..... 12 hours for download to finish.

I so sure nobody will call their chars "Pink Pigeon" that i don't need to reserve a name XDD.  I don't know how long it lasts in Na/Eu, but how long will the Character Alteration last? Will you able have and use the voucher a year later for example. Thanks to your stupid client error someone else took my name. Blade and Soul Buy Gold Way to cut my motivation for the game in half.

Sucks to lose the name for reservation but a name shouldn't make or break your game/combat experience.It does, this is the name i've used for all my main characters for the past 6 years of my gaming life cheap Blade & Soul Gold . That is why i use an Original name, i dunno if urs was original if it was then that is a let down. It says: The game client encountered an error while running. Shutting down the game client.(4044) and everything is closed.it didnt happen in durin closed beta. Fix this I payed for name res.


I already have Blade and Soul CBT Client

Maybe zack faire and Kadaj? Since they have similiar hair customization on a character creation. hey guys, i have an issue, i deleted every single thing of the beta game client, now that i download the new launcher it keeps showing me the welcome to technical alpha and the other image of visit the Hongmoon store, my other friends have the normal ones of the launch and the headstart ones, is there anything i can do to fix this??

Uninstal the whole ncsoft launcher and try registery cleaner Blade and Soul Gold . i just finish to re install the launcher that rly worked for me, thanks for you answer. I did both also and launcher still says welcome to closed beta.Any thoughts? Try to right clic in the image and refresh it, that worked for some People. i have problem in downloading the game...there's this error that pops up and it doesn't continue anymore and it says report error but he thing is that even the error report isn't working. i have downloaded about 1.5 gb already.

Hey guys I have a problem with this game, can anyone answer my question please?! I just downloaded the game with the newest version, but the thing says "GAME LAUNCHES JAN19th 12:01 EST" and also when I'm entering my 6 digit pin number it says "FAILED TO CONNECT TO SERVER". Is there something wrong with the download? Or I should just wait til jan19th for the game to launch Buy Blade and Soul Gold ? Please answer this. Thank you very much.

Kean Kent thats because the servers are currently offline till Jan 19. So everything its ok dont worry.  I already have Blade and Soul CBT Client installed on my PC, do I still need to download the new client? Or simply update my current CBT client? You need to uninstall the CBT client and then install the new version.


I can join Blade & Soul from South Korea

Download link for new client not available...But it says we can start downloading it already... will the download be available in 11th ? The guide says you can download it right now. "Download Link Not Available YET" so they gonna add the link soon. And when they add text will make sense.
it have outdated graphics guys can u do something about it Buy Blade and Soul Gold ? They haven't upgraded the engine or graphics and don't have any plans either. But considering that it's free to play who really cares not like we're paying for it. Graphics default to a low resolution version. Just go into settings and Max it out. It will look much better.

Will you also be able to reserve a clan name January 11th? . I hope this version will install on my setup unlike that buggy beta download. I'm from Canada and im looking for Guild/Factio/Server to join to..Can't wait, hopefully I can join the game from South Korea ?. Stable server, no lag and not limited access? You need to clarify you question. If your are not located in NA or EU you will lag Blade & Soul Gold . there will be couple of servers availble at launch so enuf for everybody. but u cant change server at the moment they say. They will release a patch where you can buy change server ticket so you can change anytimea and anywhere as long as the server is not yet full.

Nathan Jarrad Conti I already play from UAE.  Glennor Khris Ravelo Where is UAE?  If its not than can you tell which one is where so it is easier to choose server that is closer (need low Ping), thanks! You should fix those weird launcher errors on the beta. So we can play it on 19th january for official no beta or something? Finally! I can play it on the eu server instead of russian. There was a Closed Beta for the people who bought the packages, but on 19th, it'll be out for everyone. I see well i didnt care about the beta cuz before that you could be able to play a alpha/beta version i played on the russian server. But one question is my acer aspire e1-731 laptop good for the game?