Section story of wizard

That is our beginning, and today I still remember clearly. Isendra willing to accept the teachings of Li Min's work. She became the girl's mentor, Erica also established a deep admiration for her. Two of them than I originally thought it would be similar. But Erica was soon unable to diablo 3 account buy meet in Isendra knowledge. Their relationship has changed, Erica began her as peers, rather than treated as mentors. Isendra also changed, and that makes me worried. She is too conniving Erica's behavior, and that is all the trouble begins Diablo3 items.

When I found Erica those interested in research libraries too dangerous to be blocked due to the file, I do not know what to do to die. I ignored Isendra against Erica received training duties, and her strict custody. I tried to build her life, norms, and through a program of study, will lead to her interest in the direction to make people accept the upswing Diablo 3 items buy.

Erica less taught the responsibilities, Isendra not much left to stay Yi Shali temple grounds, where she appeared in less time. But she is still a friend, and I can always get her precious advice. A few years later, when we three meet again one room, Isendra has settled away from the temple and her former student's life.

I wish at the moment to get her advice.


Baidu pomegranate about on-line algorithm 1.0

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On the 17th morning, returned to Singapore, Singapore Airport can not help feeling it's convenient and efficient. From the plane landed (not out of the aircraft, landing the moment), to the customs, to check baggage, to get a taxi, a total of only 10 minutes. Average time ago in about 15-20 minutes, the fastest, but still only 10 minutes.


got some question about RS music theme competition

Also got some questions here..

You said that the song shouldn't be longer than 5 minutes, so what's the minimum length? I saw that Scape Bold was about 2 minutes long, so I guess it should be at least 2 minutes for rs money.

And second question is about Scape Bold, can I make a remix of it or isn't that original enough buy rs accounts? :P

I hope you get to uploading more music from the game to your sound cloud. Hearing the original theme Orchestrated was as exciting as hearing music for the first time in the game back when RS2 launched and sell runescape accounts.

If happiness were a colour, I'd be that colour right now.
I've been waiting for a music competition for so long...

Yeah!! So, what do you have in mind, or is it a secret? ;)

~~Mod Lord~~
I'm thinking grand, cinematic. Taiko ensembles galore!
Shame I don't have access to a real orchestra yet. I'd so go there.


my d3 gold making for DH

I did run some simulations on some nice Inna's Temperance (just for the lulz). b is base damage, alpha is increased attack speed, A is the primary attribute, c is crittical hit chance, d is bonus critical hit damage.



A net sum of 16.7k increase in DPS (2 sockets with +50 Dex in each). :)

However, when it comes to survivability (without taking dodge into consideration).



That's a decrease of 26%, with life going from 41.5k to 41.5k.

Is 16.7k dmg worth a loss of 26%?

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don't spread spam in SEO

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Your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is over you or not?

Do you know whether your ex boyfriend is over you? You can see whether he has below evidences or not!

He shows the same type of conduct when you are in the same event, he is really deeply in love with you, which is really fantastic signs that he is really keeping loving you in his mind.

If he always recall those days you are together with each other having a date, he is definitely missing you. You have leave a deep impression on him so that it is difficult for him to move ahead.

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No matter when he asked about your situation, anything about you, he isn’t over you.

He tries to find some strange reason to talk with you. He wants to borrow something that you had or he doesn’t need. He is in love with you just tries a way to have interact with you!

Hopefully these tips help you determine if your ex still has feelings for you.


Happy birthday to Diablo 3

Hey Diablo, I wrote you a poem for your birthday. Here goes:

Roses are Red
So are your Guts,
Where’s the PVP Blizzard
A Year wait? THAT’S NUTS!

Demons spawn tons Now
In one-point-o-Eight,
Multiplayer is actually Fun
But the game is far from Great.

No more farming hours and hours
In keep depths and areat core,
The gameplay in the rest of the acts
No longer feels like a chore.

You are going the right direction
Despite all the communities trolls,
Here’s hoping from a big fan
The expansion makes me droll.

One long year I’ve leveled and farmed
Through all parts of Tristram and Hell,
I’ve slayed Diablo countless times
Yet he’s never dropped anything Well.

Your trying I know
And I hope it works out,
Here’s hoping the players
Will still stick it out sell Diablo 3 account.

At launch when we were ready  with my Diablo 3 account.
We got error 37s,
Act 1 was fun and act 2 sucked
Act 4 was set in Heaven.

Diablo 3 was looked forward to
For years and years and years,
But after all that long long time
All it did was bring me to tears.

However through all this darkness
A light shines through the black,
Patches keep getting better 
And players keep coming back.

Keep going down this road you are on
Keep listening to us,
Blizzard is changing D3 for the better,
In Travis Day we TRUST!

Happy Birthday D3. If you ike it, why not buy diablo 3 accounts for sale from online site ?


FAQ for Daiblo 3 beginners

Q: Diablo 3 fighting up and down to adjust the game perspective?

A: The players in the game via the mouse wheel to zoom in / zoom out the game perspective, through the keyboard Page Up / Page Down to up and down to adjust the game perspective.

Q: the NPC edge of all players, not point the NPC can not make the task.

A: You can use the shortcut key "J" to hide all players around, so that you can be.

Q: how to open the team panel is looking for NPC?

A: the players the complete Prologue task or after 15 you can open the team panel, shortcut key "T" to exhale on / off Diablo 3 account.

Q: God how to switch weapons

A: God will switch weapons default shortcut is "~", we can set the game → operating settings be modified to adapt to its own operating habits Diablo 3 account buy.

Q: I see other people have to pull the wind horse, why I did not do?

A: after 20 players through the shortcut key "L" exhaled task of writing board, rumors access to ride task, available after the completion of the first horse in the game.

Q: What they reveal is how ah, I see some reveal very cute, I want to How can I get him.

A: Diablo 3 fighting almost all BOSS will drop the corresponding reveal, after the end of the fight BOSS BOSS reveal a smaller version of a chance in the field, players left-click arrest can be obtained (consumption a purple hyacinth, Changan grocery store sale), while 30 players in the completion of the sacred beasts awakening task will reveal a system presented.

Q: How do I open the second row of the skills bar?

A: exhaled System Menu (Click ESC key) → Game → players set → check "Show floating shortcut bar, and then click OK to open.

Q: I operate is not very good, playing Jade Fox not hit every time, Jade Fox targeted attack?

A: Jade Fox targeted attacks, the players in the system menu (click ESC) → Game Settings → Settings → operation check "selected target release", and then click OK to open the auto-aim function.

Q: I is not good for the machine configuration, each one to Changan more screen Kaka, mouse move is very difficult, what is the solution.

A: The players through the system menu (click ESC) → System Settings → Check the hardware pointer, then click OK to open the hardware pointer function, the specific efficacy player a try at a glance.

Q: Why am I unable to leave after by a copy.

A: The copy of the clearance after the settlement there will continue to challenge a copy "to view a copy of the evaluation" leave a copy of the three options, click on the "leave a copy" to leave the current copy, or use the shortcut key "F11" to exit the copy.

Q: I am a Monkey, why do I see that other people can use the skills of a blood, but I did not.

A: Diablo 3 fighting skills system is divided into two parts, namely "general skills" the skills to comprehend, you said this is the "general skills" of each hero hero vocational skills, the player reaches a certain level or complete awakening task obtained skills can drag and drop to gain the skills shortcut bar release.

Q: I want to trade with my friend, why I left mouse button can not be selected him.

A: Diablo 3 fighting game choose other players need to right-click on "to find the right one for you, then use the mouse right-click on the" target avatar to select the corresponding function can be traded.

Q: What are the benefits to join sectarian me how can join?

A: players after 25 can be selected by the city of Chang'an NPC "test of" create or join a sectarian players after joining sectarian by sectarian NPC learning "sectarian skills, receive the" sectarian advance Daoxing into the legendary words of the " copy of the build "sectarian equipment", and even "sectarian salary" to receive a word, added to the the sectarian benefits of the more the better.


LOYAL RS community



5 months and still no information or update... GJ Jagex if you don't release next month the loyalty shop update then be prepared for alot of spamm on the forums to buy cheap rs gold.


Wake up Jagex and give the LOYAL community what they want and that is NOT A RWT SOF OR SGS PROMOTION!


It is worthy to join RS membership

Free to play is a good thing. You can test the game, look around, see if you do well with the other players and then decide for yourself if you're ready to pay. Nobody's forcing you to pay and as everybody said before, you can do well without paying. Someday you want  more, get your paypal, credit card, paysafecard or whatever you're using and get more quests, better weapons and whatever they offer.
As for me, I got bored somewhere at level 20 and never paid a cent for Runescape.

Membership is deffinelty worth it. You get a MASSIVE and i do mean MASSIVE amount of content for you few dollars...

Few" dollars became 8$ with ages, but content turned to buy to win (SoF) + still weird grind.If you join membership, you can buy cheap rs gold from official site.

f2p is ok if you don't have a good comp and have time to waste...
read game forum too, by the way, time to time you can find like 300 pages of rants there.But you can find easy and fast way to earn rs money.

I found it worthwhile to put in a few $ to get full access to the game.You can get discount to buy runescape gold.. I would definitely recommend the trial version first though and then just go from there... if you like you buy, if you dont you try a different game!

Out of curiosity how do you guys pay for online games and the likes?  I am trying to get rid of CCs and am looking for easy online payment methods? Havent found anything as of yet...


Why are demons in EoC not magic weak?

In lore demons are traditionally weak to the arts of magic and players are taught via questing that spells are the way to banish a demon, yet in the game now they are weak to ranged & melee!

Sorry but it bugs me lol.

This is a cool thread. Here are some questions from me regarding quests and storylines.

Are there any plans to continue and possibly finish the Daemonheim lore and storylines soon? It's been over three years since Dungeoneering came out and our excitement about Bilrach, the strange power, the events that occurred that day, the mysterious bottom of Daemonheim, and finally about the skill itself is really dying out. More and more players will pay for rs gold rather than rs accounts.

Pirates, Gnomes or Dwarves.. Regardless of the outcome, are we going to discover more about the two less fortunate participants in the near future?

The quest Monkey Madness used to have an overly complex code. This was one of the reasons we haven't seen a sequel to it. Has this been looked into at all the past years? Sometimes, I will think whether we should buy rs accounts, rather than cheap rs gold.



Good update of May

This is a nice update month but what really annoys me that yet again it is another questless month. Have we only gotten 1 or 2 quests this year? Sure the World Wakes was great but it has been so long since a quest has been released...

I feel like you just told us this year's focus would be on the gods to add extra hype to TWW, and you're just throwing this in to make it look true. It doesn't really count.