I prefer Starfury weapons to super rares

Meh, I don't think is too bad... I much prefer this to super rares though I wish the SoF would go away entirely or only be a free add-on.

And the xp seems to be overpowered... not even 30 minutes into the day and someone just got 143k mining xp? 

I wonder how many people will be getting 99 mining with warbands + this lol

Confirmed - A pain in the ass to obtain. 15-20 ore per rock with a minuscule chance of receiving them and 10k needed per weapon lolwut. After 20 invents of Iron Ore I got a grand total of nothing.

Starfury Sword 4 = 1296 Attack 1041 Accuracy, that's double the attack damage of a whip.  If you want to add two spins a time, you need to buy runescape account to join members first.

The worst part is the SoF add-spins page has been DDOS'd by the huge amount of the people buying spins. 


Runescape Gathering

Great screenshots, must have been a blast being in that mass gathering, shame I missed it out because I forgot about it entirely.

Those pictures of the Runescape Gathering 2013 look like a kids party compared to Gatherings in 2008-2010, they were massive. I am really proud to buy runescape account.

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Yes I also sent the community team a bitmap screen capture of it lol. I mean where would you ever report anything like that? Most people I asked when wait. . what?!Then went dead from the neck up where as 2 seconds before they'd have said reported it as a bug. It's not a bug though as it's external advert. 

Looking forward for reforming Runescape EoC

The more I see these interfaces the more I froth over how much better they are!!! 

The evolution of combat, being able to move stuff from all interfaces onto one bar was a huge step that really improved the game (even if the combat is still a bit broken). I'm really glad to see more of that improvement to the interface, making it require less tab switching. As reduced as it is with the action bar, and quick prayer/run/summon buttons, having all of what I need on the screen at once would be the ideal. If these can reformed, Jagex can sell runescape accounts than before.

Here's what I hope to get once I enter alpha for my combat setup: 

-inventory visible. I want to be able to quickly navigate to my inventory to access my food, potions, etc. 

-SOF pop-up invisible - I don't want his squeaking harassing me when I log in! If we can move everything, I'll be sorely disappointed if we can't move the pop-up so it doesn't appear unless we tell it to. 

-combat tab visible. I want to see if my opponent has had their stats drained, is poisoned, what their weakness is, everything! 

-all the familiar options of the summoning quick button accessible. BoB deposit, attack, everything. 

-stats visible. The opponent is using stat drains on me, I need to know when to use a super restore 

-prayer tab visible for quick protection prayer swapping and soul split toggling 

Looking forward to these changes. Then I will be proud that I buy rs account.


The Vampire Diaries offer a traditional dance full of betrayals

The Vampire Diaries offer a traditional dance full of betrayals, vampire bites and glamorous dresses.

When the series returns for its last five episodes of the season, the band Mystic Falls addresses what should be one of the most significant moments of the year. Among the emotions of Elena, the imminent threat of Silas and Bonnie dark magic, it might be a memorable event, but not the way they expected. For Caroline, above all, dancing is not the same without her boyfriend Tyler at his side, but do not expect that their absence would leave room to see the pair Caroline Klaus at the dance.
"At this time Caroline Tyler is very committed and has remained so throughout the season despite those moments she had with Klaus which are very attractive," says executive producer Julie Plec.

So if Caroline remains dedicated to Tyler, plec Does plans to bring him back permanently?. She says viewers will know their intentions at the end of the season.


Why players didn't play Runescape Beta

Many people didn't give feedback because why play the beta when you can level up in the real game.

Momentum isn't supposed to be on par with abilities, the less effort you put in, the less you get out of it.

It doesn't matter if the combat was updated bad or good, momentum was still needed for the babies to have their bottle because they couldn't adjust such as yourself. I will still willing pay for runescape accounts.

Don't particularly like Eoc. Folks would probably say because I'm too lazy to learn it.

Might be true. Might not. I never liked bossing, and Eoc makes it that much more complicated. I don't try to max cash, so don't get best weapons. So even with high stats, I still fail (read - cant finish a task in a reasonable amount of time or trips) at what should be moderate slayer tasks. '07scape isn't an option because I'm not going to pend another x years starting from scratch.

So I'll just work with the hand dealt to me. If I dislike EoC combat long enough that I get bored with the game then I'll leave.

Duel Arena weekend competitions

Have you joined in with our Duel Arena weekend competitions yet?

Now, grasp the last several hours  to start to go forth Duel Arena.
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Will jagex release a downloadable client version of Runescape

1.      How to install runescape 3
Are you guys going to be releasing a downloadable client version? It would be nice to be able to test that out, because I spend 100% of my time playing on the client version. If you are searching for how to install runescape 3, How to log in Runescape 3 may help you in some way.

jpw dp you think about RS quests

It's your last chance to vote in our Old School rares poll! Get your vote in and help shape the game!

kinda of sucks noone remembers ShySteph. when she was there with all the good Video makers... TehNoobShow....MaxBoison....Fa¬tWr3cked and so on...

Plus Australia has 3 time zones, so you need to specify which one you mean please
 lot of them are part of the 4th generation of videomakers (like myself), however, there is always a chance you'll see people like Bumbum007, Excl, & many others like them.

First Gen was Tehnoobshow. Second Gen was Nightmarerh, Bumbum007, Chiszle and Excl. Third Generation was Gizzy Gazza, Dartron, Snivic, and Skythekid.
Fourth Gen is myself, Mental Wyro, then Skyzah, Wizif, Kiri, Creb, Zarakye, Sir Mikkel, Miss Liddles, Will Miss It, & quite a few others.
That's a rough list of them anyways.

If you want to play it , just buy runescape account to join it!


Old School Dev Blog

I am not even going to bother till they make the screen bigger how ccan people play that small screen it wasn't like that back in '07’. In below comments, non mems means players who just own free runescape accounts, while mems means players that buy rs account to join membership of runescape. If you are searching for accounts for sale runescape, you can search where to buy runescape accounts online and you will find many useful articles or sites.

It's always been the same size for 07, are you sure it isn't that your monitor was smaller back then? 

Hey guys why cant you just bring back 08 .. you know .. 13.09.2008.. everythign way way better back then.

Is there any chance you could bring back 2009. I mean i miss the days playing full size screen happily doing slayer etc. EOC worst ever thing you could of done and 07 is an improvement but 09 was alot better imo. If 09 was brought back i think alot of people would once again rejoin.

I need Zoom Ins and outs effect.. maybe with the mouse scroller..

I had mems but it ran out so why cant they just make old school come back for good for people who have mems and non mems it sucks cause i was looking forwerd to playing it with my main but now i cant cause my memes ran out and my main dose not have mems


Tips when scam hot hosts in Runescape

If you are to buy runescape account to scam hot hosts in Runescape, there are some tips for you.

If someone follows you to the next kiosk, just ignore them because they will tip off the hosts and you will be the next kiosks.

If someone claims they catch your on vid, just dismiss it as they may lie to you.

If you try and scam a same host for several times, finally you will get a reputation and be recorded on a no host list or a forum page.

When Jagex looks for his chat box, the scam is not reportable as they jut see betting and declining a trade.

Hope this can be helpful to your runescape accounts.


Have you picked up your issue of PC Gamer UK yet

Seriously? guys listen, remove the new combat system and replace it with the old one. Then maybe ill play again. Im surprised Game Informer even chose to write about it. What they should be writing about is Elder Scrolls Online and Watch Dogs or something like that.... like Jaye Johnson said, no ones got time for that because they don't want to.

 It's kinda funny how RuneScape says you can still enjoy the game for free, when everything new they do is ONLY available for members. Old Runescape? Members. Addition to skills? Members. Hell, my character isn't even on the highscores anymore because it's not a member account. It's why I quit years ago, when they started forgetting about those who can't pay monthly for a game. (It's the reason I looked for games that are 100% free with the option of using the in-game store. That way, all content is available, and I'm not required to buy rs account pay.

Seriously? guys listen, remove the new combat system and replace it with the old one. Then maybe ill play again. Im surprised Game Informer even chose to write about it. What they should be writing about is Elder Scrolls Online and Watch Dogs or something like that.... like Jaye Johnson said, no ones got time for that because they don't want to runescape sell accounts.


What is new from Jagex Games Studio

Jagex has just won two awards at the National Council for Work Experience Annual Awards Ceremony in London. 

We managed to beat off some stiff competition to win the award for the best placement in the large organisation category and also took the top award for the overall placement company of the year. 

Jagex wins legal battle against Macro developers. Check out the article here!

Transformers Universe is coming to BotCon! Members of the Transformers Universe team will be attending the official fan convention at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Dallas, Texas, to unveil further details of the game and offer attendees the exclusive chance to reserve their TRANSFORMERS character name! Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend a behind closed doors TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE panel discussion, and preview the latest game trailer ahead of its public release.

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the originals of vampires

Klaus returns to his past in New Orleans - following a mysterious trail of a conspiracy that is brewing against him in New Orleans, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) makes a trip to the city, he and his family helped build. Klaus's questions lead him to a reunion with his former protégé, Marcel (guest star Charles Michael Davis), a charismatic vampire who has total control over the human and supernatural inhabitants of New Orleans. Determined to help his brother find redemption. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus follows soon learns that Hayley (guest star Phoebe Tonkin) has also reached the French Quarter for clues about her family history, and has fallen into the hands of a powerful witch named Sophie (star Daniella Pineda invited). Meanwhile, in Mystic Falls, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) continues with its plan to help Elena (Nina Dobrev), while Katherine (Nina Dobrev) reveals a surprising vulnerability to Rebekah (Claire Holt) and asked to deliver a message. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Julie Plec


Dungeoneering Off-Hand Weapons

Have you heard Dungeoneerng off-hand weapons before?

Dungeroneering off-hand weapons are now available for members that buy rs account to join membership of Runescape.

With the demand, some off-hand version of Dungeoneering weapons is added for members who buy rs account to become members of Runescape. This allows dual wielding. Some new off-hand and main-hand weapons are added for ranged-class shield and mages. Finally, some off-hand and main-hand knives are added to prevent members vulnerable to thrown weapons.

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Dungeoneering Off-Hand Weapons

Dual wielding is now on par. Because the new off-hand and main-hand weapons re pen up brand new choices for wreaking magical havoc with dual-wielding spell combinations, mages will never worry about miss either of the,.

The off-hand weapons, throwing knives and mage gear drop from a variety of Daemonheim bosses, and can be crafted or smithed by members with the skill to do so. You can earn some cash by selling runescape accounts with prestigious weapons and high level combat. If you want to buy these armors, just buy rs account to join Runescape.