Do somethign about the action house cheaters

All these kids complaining about people still playing this game or how bad is it... Why do you still have this game liked so you can comment on here? Idiots.All computer companies should do a ban wave on Diablo 3 players Diablo3 item. Just because they play diablo 3.

Do somethign about the action house cheaters.. using auto bid and crap so it becaomse impossible to use for others..just bid as high as you think the item is worth ... if an item is worth 500m and you only 100m last second because at 2min the current bid was at 25m, someone obviously bid more than you ... some people are confused about the way the AH bidding system works ... and if you bid 500m on a 500m item, and still lost, some diablo 3 gold for sale"sniper" is obviously over paying.I love how all the things they are doing for the console versions are pretty much a huge middle finger to the pc players. Congrats, you banned 25 out of the 50 people still playing this pitiful excuse of a game. Take a hint, your game sucks and Jay Wilson should be out of a job. Anyone who buys the Playstation version is just stupid with money.

I am glad you try to stay on top of this, honestly. Keep up the good work guys, for all your games. Starcraft is the only reason I still stay on the Blizzard bandwagon. So much hype for WoW and D3, but sadly...


why are lodestones killing the game

Why are people like this? why are lodestones killing the game and making it easier? One of the reasons I don't play 07 is the fact that I have to  buy runescape gold spend time travelling from a place to another rather than enjoying the game itself (minigames, bosses etc).

It's like big cities. You'd rather just teleport to your destination rather than spending a long time in a car or a bus or whatever doing nothing.

Plus, it gives them the opportunity to increase the distance between cities and towns. Because in Rs3 the draw distance will be increased and the world feels a lot smaller. But they cannot increase the distance between cheap runescape accounts cities as you'll have to spend an hour to get from a place to another this way?

Law runes are not useless. I still use them to go to my house, Trollheim for GWD. Fairy rings, they bring you to other planes and some places can still be reached easier with them. Same with Spirit trees. I've planted one in Port Sarim so that after using explorer's ring I can use it to go to the Ge easily.

You are complaining about dead content. Wasn't Tyrannwn dead content? What about the Fremennik province? Why? Because they were areas that couldn't be reached easily. Now they will all be more popular.

If they want to release a crystal city and other features to runescape accounts selling Tyrannwn, they should introduce a new way to go there easily, because it'll soon be dead content.

I don't get why people think that in Runescape, we have to spend a ton of time just travelling from a place to another.

I know, exploration is a nice thing. But it's not like we do not have to explore anymore, as lodestones need to be unlocked first before they can be used and some of them also need quests.

Please think twice.


barbarian builds - Solo play and Co-op play

There are two most obvious differences when it comes to comparing singleplayer aspect of the game and the multiplayer one.

When you play wiith other people, all mobs/champions and bosses deal more damage to you cheap D3 gold (it is confirmed - this was hotfix'd, that change right here changes hell of a lot for us and makes playing barb tank in group a lot more fun, easier and viable) and have more HP. Lets say that you played with your friends all the time until now. Solo play might require you to adapt to completly different type of playstyle in order to be successful in it. As an example, you might think twice before going for pure tank build with very low dps (like 4-5k for example). If you will have such dps but lets say very good survivability buy Diablo 3 items, you still might fail in some situations. Well, lets say that you are able to kill everything. But still, it will take way too long. Diablo 3 is a 'farm' based game (well, you know what I want to say, I didn't mean that d3 is farmville or whatever...) time in it counts along with how fast you can clear stuff. TIME IS MONEY! Make sure that you balance your stats right, I can't stress this enough.

As far as picking of your follower for inferno goes: both the Templar and the Enchantress are viable. It is only that Enchantress is so much better and useful in overall terms. Let me explain why. Templar is great when it comes to saving selling Diablo 3 account your life (if you pick correct abilities for him of course). He might be even better than Enchantress during early levels.

But as far as Inferno and late game goes, you just have to pick Enchantress. She provides you with a passive aura called Powered Armor that increases your armor by 15% (!). On top of that, all your attackers are slowed by 30% for 3 seconds. The best thing about this aura is that it is active even when Enchantress is dead. Lets be honest, companions are kind of derp and tend to die a lot. 100% uptime on 15% increased armor aura is so damn good...


SoF is used to make money buy Jagex

Why the hell do you guys despise people that have a real life?

If I wanted to trade with merchants and muppets I would play RS07. Stop doing these annoying non-GE tradable items they're a complete pain in the arse. I don't have time to run around pming players and world hopping just to trade a peace of lamp. Either make them non-tradeable or allow us to buy runescape accounts and use the GE.

First Warbands and now non-GE tradeables... What next if you spend 12 hours a day online you get free XP lamps when membership is purchased with medical insurance?

Thanks for nothing. Save you'r Self time and do what I do Destroy each part you get off sof.... or as a Drop and skilling.... mehuhuh The recent news article that links to this thread is wrong. It says it is the most powerful xp lamp ever, but the promissory note from last year gave 200k xp more buying runescape gold.

Whilst I actually quite like this update due to its encouragement of interaction between players (and the exp isn't too OP) I have come here to remind you that the spam of "Don't Forget! Squeal promo no. 23075839 is going to end soon!" is not particularly appreciated or even necessary.

Please don't consider this a flaming post - all I'm suggesting is that this kind of thing is exactly the spam we kindly asked for you to not give us. Ta.

EDIT: This post does actually have quite a lot of info in it though, so nice one on that front. I just think you went about this post wrong. Perhaps "DJinn lamp tips!" might have given the impression you're not just trying to shove it down our throats.


Barb builds

There are several barb builds that have high dps, are highly efficient or are simply apealing and its fun to play them.

I will try to describe 3 great builds, which i have experience with d3 gold. They are all DW builds, i did not play 2h for more than a couple of hours yet, so i'm not going to try and speak of my ass about them untill i test them. However i can point you to some already existing guides if 2h is your thing.

WW is undoubtedly the most widely used build for some time now, which is understandable. It's still cheap to make it work cheap diablo 3 gold, it's not difficult to play and it's extremely efficient.

The build + vatiations


Instead of OP-Killing Spree, different abilities can be used:
OP - Crushing advance - very strong dmg reduction and a minor heal from LS
War cry – Impunity or Hardened Wrath if you lack in the defense departement.
Rend – To kill mobs with high hp (AoE)

HotA-smash – For highest single target dmg Diablo III items for sale. I used this variation for uber bosses for a while and it's working great.

Passives – first 2 are mandatory, last one can vary
Boon for easier WotB uptime
Animosity/Unforgiving for fury problems
Bloodthrist for lack of healing
Supperstition/NoS/TaN for lack of defense
Brawler for dps


Diablo 3 is an amazing game

Diablo 3 is an amazing game. I can't believe how spoiled the gaming community has gotten. The game is beautiful, polished, and well worth the money..thanks Blizzard for continuing to support your games despite all the negativity and angry nerds. in easier terms... "lets take all of the original plot, storyline, and gameplay advantages... and throw it out the window Diablo III account!"

It's a fine and fun game if it was from an no-name developer on steam for 25$. Blizzard -used- to be the biggest, the smartest, and the best; and now they bring us this? That's why it's such a huge failure, it lives up to none of it's potential whatsoever. Any 1 out of 4 gamers  could have advised them on many many more tiny and easily added features that could have made the game much much better. We all know they focused 90% on the RMAH for profit and it makes us upset that yet another awesome series should die in such poor fashion.

Some of you plugs are still complaining about a game a whole year Diablo 3 items buy after launch? Must not be much else to do living in moms basement. Love the game bliz, it's getting better and better with time.

Because it still sucks a whole year after launch. It's like pulling nails every time I log-in. There's just NOTHING to do that I hadn't done in the first 3 months. Honestly, the RMAH ruined the game. It's no longer a closed economy, so nothing is of intrinsic value. I understand Blizzard wants to make money, but it ruined what could have been an amazing game.


I like the Arcane Cooking

The free items for members are currently the Squid Cape and Seaweed Hair.''

Sick of you Jagex. These items were already free. Liars. You guys are trash.

I like the Arcane Cooking, Strongarm Burial, Arcane Resting, and Strongarm Resting animations. Some of them are really amazing and cool! :) Arcane resting is my favorite. They are pricey though. :|

The free items were free purchases we already had, so I don't see the point in giving those away. :P Give people that don't spend cheap runescape gold any money on SGS some animation updates also.

Giving out whats already been given. Ah ya.
How about make seaweed hair, well... Hair, not a helm replacement pfft...

I looked in the actual SGS, why are the pushups sell rs accounts, one arm clap pushups... I'd prefer a choice to do normal two arm push ups like how the Drill Demon used to have us do...

WHY?!?!?!? ^^^[Give us those, ;)]
Because you gave those hairstyles, forum-pic visible O.O EYE colors. Yet you sell as haircuts, pfft. If you removed the eye colors, cheap runescape accounts both would crash in popularity.

With seeing that Flame Skull, and some of the Elemental styles are animated yet visible. Would you actually get to
(not just put it in an imaginary office filing tray of to-dos)


Keep a careful watch on Diablo III

More hidden footprints! Keep a careful watch on Diablo tomorrow for a chance to win some epic PlayStation 3 loot!

I hope all you critics are happy, I'm officially quitting Diablo 3 because you've killed my interest. Nah, I'm just kidding, I still love the game, you need to move on, grow up, seriously, it's getting cheap diablo 3 items childish now.

I stand by this sentiment. The game on release was FAR less than perfect, but has now been molded into a much healthier diablo 3 account game.

Oh ffs. seriously? You used a meme that is actually BAD on the games annoying feature to promote an update..? eck.

Yay, more updates making me regret buying the game for pc instead of waiting.
Epic loot? That's a good one.....what's the physical version of a crossbow with int?....you giving away mouse mats made of gravel or something  diablo 3 account sell? Mugs made from sugar?

People should just play diablo 2.. If not, play the many mods.. Don't cave to this atrocity of what is diablo 3. it would be nice to see people online diablo 1 thats just my opinion. just refrain from duping

Crook now that's some healthy argumentation skills, right there. Yeah, thanks "Crook Captain"...pretty much just proved why childish critics like you don't hurt my interest in this game. THANKS!


no d3 expansion

 the original launch of vanilla? there's no d3 expansion yet. also, "back to consoles"? what?
I can see just fine, thank you. I wouldn't claim to be a genius, but I'm aint no stewpidz fank you.
I'm sorry if my opinion of a game differs from yours. sowwiez
 I've been playing Diablo in it's entirety since launch when I was in school . I enjoy dungeon crawling. I enjoy the storyline diablo 3 items buy Dungeon crawling? Yeah, I enjoy that too.... when you are rewarded for doing so. Storyline? D3 has no storyline and the dialogue is silly and childish. Your reasons are faulty, therefore your opinion is meaningless.

Matej, that entire 'sentence' (if you even want to call it that) made absolutely no sense whatsoever. sell diablo 3 account Vincent Arriola You're using opinions as factual arguments. Sorry lil fella. This is the way Diablo works. You aren't guaranteed the 'perfect' stats on everything
Eduard Bunaciu These opinions are supported by a substantially large audience following this game. Nice counter argument, by the way. You managed to avoid defending yourself by saying everything is merely an opinion and calling it a day. Fail more?

Vincent Arriola Opinions supported by opinions are still opinions.

Eduard Bunaciu Okay, so by your logic. Hitler was a terrible person... oh wait... that's just an opinion too  diablo 3 accounts, right? So dumb.

Eduard Bunaciu Go take a debate course, you might learn a thing or two.

Vincent Arriola Yes, I'm actually a Hitler supporter. He was a tremendous leader...but that's for another day.

You can tell me about all the reasons you think Diablo 3 is a failure to you and I'll sit here and tell you about all the reasons I love it. I don't mind. At the end of the day you will have your opinion and I will have mine. And together, we will have two opinions


Blizzard delay update of diablo 3

But the Blizzard development team not in a hurry, often canceled plans have been produced for many years, if they think these games do not meet the required quality standards. Blizzard in the development of an unannounced MMO online games, this news has been leaked several years ago, but never formally given the official name of this program - Titan is just a leaked diablo 3 account sale
  letter - not announced it expects more Published. According to the timetable for the early leak, many people guessing game will debut in early 2014. Although the plan is not clear whether accurate, but we have always believed that the Titans will be later this year or early 2014 launch.

Postpone the game was released posed problem is that Blizzard will face more competition. Bethesda Softworks plans diablo 3 gold for sale in the upcoming E3 show to showcase Elder Scrolls Online, as we reported this morning, it told us more about the game preview and interview information.

Currently, the Titan project has been reset, the recent debut seems no hope. Meanwhile, more and more MMO games completely free to change the way they operate, which is the current market, Blizzard and World of Warcraft will be a huge challenge. For the free operation of the business model, Blizzard is more in favor of charge carriers, but it has also made some concessions Diablo 3 account selling EndF  , such as the game of the former 20 free.

In 2011, we first reported the Titans. Blizzard COO Paul Sams told us in an interview, "We will have some of the most experienced developers put the Titans plan, I believe they will form Dream Team is that these people make World of Warcraft has become a successful game, And now we want to once again break the mindset of the people. "

But Blizzard did not make any announcement, even if they invest in this plan such a huge number of developers team.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime (Activision Blizzard division), a few days ago told his staff, very focused Blizzard game creation process "iteration", in order to game developers will not hesitate to do the right thing. Recently, Blizzard examine the Titans, and concluded that it is necessary to design and technical aspects of the huge changes in order to meet quality requirements. Core technical team continues to find a way out, while the other developer Blizzard moved to World of Warcraft, Blizzard All-Stars, Diablo 3 piece of information, animation and battle network team.


Demon Hunter - Consumption of energy and cause harm in a serious imbalance

Directly on the example, no more to explain:

Barbarian consumes 25 rage causing 406% weapon damage, the trigger factor or 0.8! There is less angrily with no!

Demon Hunter consumed 10:00 hatred causing 155% weapon damage and attack speed click on the incident light 
diablo 3 gold for sale, hatred had to pay back another.

Demon Hunter forced now want high output is only one: "ready to go into penalty Rune", which in turn test the speed of your ring back.

Back to the ring speed is still small, fear is pitifully low skill trigger factor, rub a long time not seen commandments back up, sudden death people ......

Want to improve this problem has the most simple, but players will be bombarded approach: "to directly modify the skill damage 
diablo3 item."

Melee energy showed their energy back, we can not, then our skill damage to enlarge the current two to three times!

Do not say no brain, fire bat is so out ...... directly modify harm, waste technology overnight into nirvana, Blizzard control the whole market!

4 play together more smoothly 
buy d3 items skills.

That is, the output of walking skills, this point in the high PP which has vital importance.

Not only will you be able to cause harm can move simultaneously, as long as the damage is high enough to ensure 
where to buy Diablo 3 account that there is the same experience, but also to quickly find elite mob.

What? You say fire? Oh my god ...... you do not mention that skill.

A hunter can not move while output feeling really bad.

That so many shortcomings, we must say that Demon Hunter is what are the advantages, otherwise I'm going to jail up!


Free t-shirt membership offer

Free t-shirt membership offer and competitions

Went to look at membership packages.. I pay $30 for 6 months but have to pay *75 for 12 months with a t-shirt? Any chance you could change the price to $60 for veterans? Otherwise I see no point in the 12 months package to buy rs gold.

Yeah, let's try keep this stuff out of 07. I know this is nothing big, but let this be the furthest it goes.

So.. what was the point of me buying the big anticipated gold package that was the year subscription if you want runescape money us gold members to buy ANOTHER 12 month subscription to get this t-shirt?

This is also starting up the microtransactions thing again so... I'd rather not have this to do with 07scape.
Ill probably give it a miss mainly because i wont be cheap rs gold playing as often now that im entering my third year at college, but i'll tell my friends; i know they'll be interested

I'll prob skip this 12 months membership deal though, as I got plenty of days left for membership. But most likely I'll still see other offers for consideration ^_^