Your asking if OBT (OpenBeta) will be the same as CBT

I know you weren't able to keep it from the get go. But you still haven't answered my question rofl. Why sell different amounts if they're all the same? I have char in Ru server BNS Gold 43 destroyer and i know where every thing get i dont need premium for this 1 week and i will be 40 lvl.  It will be F2P -- they have promised over and over that it will not be P2W (by their definition of P2W) -- the question is, what is YOUR definition of P2W....? Will the OBT be the same as CBT such as the difficulty in dungeon, item drop and drop rate, quest, free items from survey...?

You shouldn't be here with me, just go, thank you, I don't need your answer. lol wtf dude, she just mentioned that there is no open beta why so much hate. yesterday someone tried to ask this question to Mod/admin and she tried to answer that "there is no open beta" "there is no open beta" and I still get no answer.

Your asking if OBT (OpenBeta) will be the same as CBT(ClosedBeta), thing is there wont be any open beta so thats the answer to your question. Now about diffuclty and xp i think they lowered it so ppl can progress faster through the beta and get to higher tiers faster. I tried the beta, I was impressed. Should be a good game. I'm happy its not going to be long until its released. so you mean i can finally stop playing the sketchy chinese version grin emoticon Buy Blade and Soul Gold ?

 I wanted to play 4 fan years ago. Lol. Awesome guys been promoting you guys can't wait to get to gaming. I'm so looking forward to this smile emoticon I'm assuming it's playable in the UK right? I hope yer downloaders will be okay by then. I coudnt download Aion and wildstar.... Do we at least get to keep our character names? I only bought the 25$ one. Only if it says name reservation on the $25 packs, if not then no. If I purchase master pack now, when will the premium membership be activated? And can I be registered for closed beta? Aa, guess thats the deadline for me to hit max on JP Server.Will we be able to have a look at the shop prices beforehand? I'm interested in buying a whole bunch of vanity items on day one... along with premium membership etc. I actually want to upgrade to founders pack... but will be unable to until January where I'm guessing it would've disappeared by then..


FIFA 16 coins

A of course James vardy has proved that he is a world class striker Chelsea being one point ahead of Newcastle is by far the best statistic so far. FIFA 16 coins A no one had heard of him two years ago now he's top Scorer in the most difficult league in the world. Mahrez not only for scoring and assisting,he already broke 100 ankles. I like arsenal and özil but i think leicester is doing great and i would choose mahrez.

Why don't you stop opening packs and start getting players by Winning a bid or buy the Player from transfer market.. This will do it for ya.&cheap Aion Kinah; If you just buy from Transfer window, how will you get top rated players ever? I play a lot of FUT online and offline, but the coins earned from games played, is so less compared to the price of top rated players. Everyone hopes that they may get some 85+ rated players from Gold Packs.. But it hardly ever happens.. I have been playing for past 5 years and never got great players like Ronaldo, messi, Ibra.. and in transfer window they are in millions.. That sucks..

guess what, you will loose to a bunch of no bodies because the user jacked them up with pace, shoot, def, pass and fitness while the poor looser keeps loosing and doesn't make any coins to improve performance! .... you want realistic!!!!..... they gave it to you... trust me..... cruel world.  Are you trying to prove how stupid and buggy your game is? Cause thanks to videos like this the customers should choose a better product. Please for the good of gaming never ever make an agreement with FIFA. Go to hell EA.


FFXIV DRG back in 2.0

I wanted to play this so bad, but while setting up a trial account, square enix was so unnecessarily confusing and unhelpful I just deleted it from my computer. OMG!!! I'm so excited!!! I hope the whm is allowed to use this armor, i'm so down for a battlemage type armor.

They ask at the end if I'm ready for 3.1. Am I ready for 3.1?? I've been FFXIV Gils ready for months! Nice armour, Why can't we get that SE. Did you open the link??? We ARE getting that Well they literally said it's part of the event, we get armor like hers for doing the event. Nice thanks for the quick run down ill read the article completely when i get a chance. Why complain before even reading?  Iroha from the latest expansion of FFXI which ends this month. Hey SE, how bout pictures where I don't have to use a magnifier to see them?  I wish drg had a wyvern like in ffxi. So sad. It needs this bad

So hope it's samurai and reveal it was Minfilia's job class as I've suspected all along! I'm so glad I mained a DRG back in 2.0. So good to be a Dragoon. Kian would be proud. This is making me miss FFXI and how awesome its samurai were when people used Skillchains... They're sort of implying in the blog post that it'll only be Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils the armor available, not necessarily the weapon. It does look awesome though..we have a lot of good armour for glamour.. but all spear suck, only T9 and Longinus zeta have a nice skin T_T What about FF8 stuff?? surely I'm not the only one who liked it?! I want to see Squall and Rinoa outfits and hairs!

A step int he right direction though, now we just need a SAM DPS job, complete with a Kabuto! i saw this pic and thought dynasty warriors ? BRING IT!!! My NIN is gonna look sexy with that armor . Man ff11 was my jam. This patch keeps getting better and better. Should make a FFXI zone like area. just mobs that will one shot you.. I thought that was Yukimura Sanada from Samurai Warriors 4. Looks like his outfit for that game. actually that She is name Iroha from FFXI: Rhasodies of Vana'del expansion. good outfit miss XI but after losing my ps2 wasn't up to rebuilding everything lost so kind of be fun to see a event cross over to XIV hopeful it dyeable so not everyone running around in the same color gear.