refrain from asking from runescape

The only thing runescape has these days that allows it to still run is the fact that you dont need to download it, other Runescape accounts for sale then that, its scrap. I played since 2005 i loved the game but it was to simple.

 Nathan your likr 12 you dont know good runescape from bad runescape. I played for 7 years and have quit for a year now sell rs accounts. It's been dying for years, I don't think it will be able to be saved, at least not to its prior glory.  cuz its theirs???? They do what they want, u quit if u dont like.  Games need to change if they left runescape simple it would die quicker. i liked it simple...and so did a lot of veteran players...a whole lot... There not there making it better it was to simple before.

 Go read the terms of service, then refrain from asking that moronic question on any subscription-based service page ever again buy runescape accounts. Why did you guys mess up the game? Paul, eat a snickers. You turn into a fag when you're hungry. Dont call paul a fag! I am a fag! and a representative of the fags, I am here to inform you that we dont want him.   Keep releasing new versions of the game until you totally change or should i say destroy runescape until u get 0 players online.

Don't get me wrong, I don't love RS3, but the game currently has more players than ever before. So... yeah... "has more players than ever before" yet far less online at once than they used to in 2006?  Clifford the big red dog, you do know before eoc the game constantly never went under 100k. Now it barely reaches 95k players at peak time.


Complete a Lever Room puzzle in a 5:5 with only 4 people

Name: Blauwebeer
Description: Complain that a floor could have been faster if certain rooms were excluded
Levels required to complete:none  Runescape accounts sell
Other content required: None

Name: 1, 2, 3!
Description: Complete a Lever Room puzzle in a 5:5 with only 4 people
Levels required to complete: None
Other content required (if known):

Since we get coins for tasks done outside of Daemonheim we should be able to get tokens inside of Daemonheim for finished tasks that we have done. The only ways to get the dungeoneering tokens at the moment is the 10% of the xp earned (not counting the bonus xp from avatars and pendants  rs accounts for sale) and the tokens earned from sinkholes. so maybe giving tokens would encourage others to do the Daemonheim tasks instead of just rushing the dungeon.

Reward for completing all tasks sell rs accounts. Maybe there could be a new item outside of Daemonhiem to continue the task outfit not sure what it should do though. Or there could be an item that could be used inside Daemonhiem that doesnt require to be bound like the kingship ring that can give more bonuses inside Daemonhiem.

Name: The More The Merrier
Description: Complete one dungeon with a 5 person party
Levels required to complete: N/A
Other content required (if known): N/A


Seren is a good replacement Guthix

zammy tried to and zaros was weak and went into hiding so he could return one day instead of dying.   Half these replies are painful to read; Zamorak went with an army and attacked Zaros while Zaros' army was conquering. Zamorak had to use the stone of Jas (Elder God artifact) AND the staff of Armadyl to even have a chance.

sell rs accounts

It was stated Zaros still had more power even after being impaled on the staff. His downfall was when Zamorak also got impaled on it, and a power transfer occured. Then Zaros was banished (not hiding)

In a very short version.  Zaros stirs in the hearts of men. The evils of shadows are revealed ny his enemies. He shall whisper and wake, and you shall partake in his rise. Fate is his hand, and control his mind, and through this we shall be devout, so that he may lead us to greatness, and our ignorance not lead us astray or unto death's arms. The Empty Lord cradles us from birth to death. Let fate embrace you. I wonder.. If Gods don't exist so does Prayer Skill right? You'd want that? Whom to pray for when theres no God to pray to?... I support the Godless though..   He is coming. And then I'm going to kill him. First.  And to think I used to be allied for Saradomin ;D I'm a Zarosian now which means I still want Zammy dead >=D Why do we fight? Join Seren and escape from this war, only together we can find peace and growth.  zamorak is satan.  zammy whoot whoot. Seren is also a good replacement Guthix


my view of RS new quest - Bring Home the bacon

That was the point. It was supposed to be an quick and easy quest for new players. inappropriate timing for a quest named like that (if u don't know y follow this quote> ignorance is bliss) but i just hope it is just ignorance. I was a bit disappointed that rs accounts for sale the new quest was aimed at lower level players but it had very amusing moments, I liked to play it. My favourite scene was the "punching intermezzo".

Just saying, please make the pig follower's noises only be heard by the person who has it following them. Their noises are really annoying at the Grand Exchange. If you can make the Bull roarer only  Runescape accounts sell hearable by the person using it, you can do it to a pig, too. Was nice to have a quest released, I was laughing at the cutscene where your player beats up the seed thief and it shows the kitten and pig scene, totally reminded me of the little cutscenes we saw in the pirate series but being a quest about bacon they added a pig to it, was hilarious. Was a short quest but overall was fun and loved the comedy mix that was added to it. Now we wait for the 6th age quests, pumped up for those 4!

Maybe we can get a new quest series going, with different farm animals in Runescape and a comedic story line, just for some good ol' fashioned fun. Call it "Animal Farm" and run with that - perhaps even keep the "No horses in Runescape" gag going.

I've been seeing a bunch of complaints from players on the forum about the quest, and I had one or two myself, but it's likely this quest sell rs accounts
Btw, thanks for the help on changing the pig's appearance.


I love SoF

What in the world is wrong with you people? If you don't like the lodestones, DON'T USE THEM!!!! There are plenty of people out there, people like me, that really like lodestones. All of the things that Jagex has released like this. Lodestones, Toolbelt, Money Pouch, and yes sell runescape accounts, SoF! I love SoF!

Lodestones-It is easier to get around Runescape! That's great, helpful, and makes playing more enjoyable!

Toolbelt-Having all of my tools out of my inventory, having them with me everywhere I go, and having extra inventory space! What is bad about that?!?!

SoF-Free gold and XP, and sometimes some even better stuff! How could I NOT love that? It's awesome that the SoF exists buy runescape accounts!

If you don't like lodestones, then don't use them. Really. Why should the people that want them suffer just because you don't like having them there? We aren't being forced to use lodestones. They are there to   sell rs accounts make life easier! If you want to use them, like me, well, then enjoy them! If not, you better stop complaining on the forums, and just walk away from the lodestones.

Next time an update comes out that you don't like because "it makes the game too easy," JUST DON'T USE IT!


how to run RuneScape 3

What browsers will run the HTML5 client?
At launch only Google Chrome will run the HTML5 client. We expect Firefox and Internet Explorer to be updated with full HTML5 support later in the year.

Will there be any extra charges for RuneScape 3 membership rs accounts for sale?
No, your membership will work the same way as it did with RuneScape 2; there will be no additional charges.

What are the minimum PC specifications for running HTML5?
In order to play RuneScape 3 in the HTML5 client you will need to:
Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome
sell runescape accounts. This is currently the only supported browser.
Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card from the manufacturer's website.
We would suggest having an Intel i series CPU and at least an NVidia 200 series graphics card (or the AMD equivalent).

Can I used the existing interface system or fixed window mode?
Not exactly, the new interface system will replace the existing one, but we will provide presets which mimic both old styles of interface as much as possible.
here can I find suggested set-ups for the New Interface System accounts for sale runescape ?

You can choose from four preset layouts by right-clicking the settings icon and hovering over the quick switch layout option. From here you'll see the 4 options which offer a variety of looks and positions for your interfaces.
For players looking to have a minimal, fixed-width style layout, choose the Old School Layout. For players with a larger monitor, the Skilling Layout might be more your style.
For more information about the NIS and what you can do with it see the NIS beta page.


fruition along with rs3

When I first started playing, I liked the challenge of unlocking new teleport methods and areas, otherwise I had to walk.

All they gotta do now is walk to the lodestone and unlock it, done.Um...was not the overwhelming success of 07 a clue to you that more is not always better? That easy is not always the sure path?????? Less lodestones, please. You're making all other types of transport and teleportation useless buy runescape account.

What happened to this being OUR game??? Do you ever listen to us anymore? I was hoping that with the voting on updates in 07 would bleed over Runescape accounts selling to EOC. Evidently not. Sure takes you folks a long time to learn things.

Of course the me, me, I, I generation wants it ALL NOW. They always do. They have no sense of adventure, no imagination and most of all no sense of accomplishment because you hand it all over on a silver platter then pat them on the head and say...see what a good noob you are?

Come on Jagex. We already know you want to be first in technology or EOC never would have come to fruition along with rs3 sell runescape accounts. But that's another thing that sticks in my craw. A lot of players STILL can't access it because you have updated yourselves out of their reach. You do realize that IP's are limiting folks on time, usage and other goodies but you just keep adding more and more and more.

Since we already have the Camelot tele why put a loadstone there too?????? I say we should have voted where to put them all to begin with instead of plopping more in the game.


The Art of Blizzard is a superbly high-quality tome

The Art of Blizzard is a superbly high-quality tome dedicated to presenting and preserving the visual history of our games. Great book! Had mine for a couple of months now. The gloomy painting of old Tristram is so inspiring (inside cover).

Diablo 3 items

I'd really like one of those. Too bad Amazon are retarded for ordering stuff outside the US.lizzard won't read this

Even if they did, they would laugh at your ability to be unsuccessful in life. Already got it. It's an amazing book of artwork, like the thing with the artists commenting some of their work .


My General Builds that Used in Norm-Hell

Try whatever builds you like. When you gear new skills with diablo3 items, take a minute to look at them to see if you like them or not. Before Inferno the difficulty is not so demanding as to require a particular build, so have fun with it.

Here are my general builds that used through Norm-Hell:

The build utilizes some AoE and single-target focus to deal good damage to both trash mobs and champs/elites/bosses.

Although the level needed is 30, most skills can be unlocked very early, and the full set of abilities is usable around about Level 20. It’s for a higher level, around Act 2-4 Hell. It puts more focus on damage mitigation, but still retains high single-target and AoE damage.

Transition from the low level build to high level, test out skill combinations and see which ones you like to play with, and which ones offer the most DPS or survivability to. I would try to get high dexterity gear to have diablo 3 account sale, with some vitality thrown in for good measure. +% Attack Speed is useful for spirit generation, but it’s not necessary.

Weapon-wise, I went through Norm-Hell with 2 one-handers, but it depends on your play style, really.

Stack dex, sprinkle in a little Vit, face roll everything you encounter because it is so easy. No reason to worry about anything in Hell or earlier because the class is so easy at that point.